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What Are Twintails(Pigtails)?

“Twintails” are a common name for a hairstyle where, long hair is parted in the middle or possibly set high on the head and hangs down over both the shoulders.

In the past, these pigtails were usually called “futatsu yui” (“two ties”) by mothers who would do the hair of their very young daughters. The point was that they would be placed high over the temples of their daughters, who were of one-digit ages, which distinguished it from hairstyles that were braided below the ears.

Nowadays, those memories have faded away, and now it’s recognized as a new type of up-do for female models and others who are out of their teens

Twintails are cute if you have a perm.

Hatsune Miku has twintails, too!

Suddenly, There’s Even an “Association” For Twintail Awareness!

In recent years, the popularity of pigtails have surged to such heights that in 2012 an association was created to promote the hairstyle.

There’s even free websites where you can download pictures of high schoolers in pigtails!

It’s named “Fundamentally Twintails 2013”!!

Produced and directed by Fundamentally Twintails halcana/F=h-shi, the photos of “Fundamentally Twintails” have been released. (Published in 2013/8/22 GIGAZINE)

In “Fundamentally Twintails 2013,” the definition of pigtails is properly defined. According to them:

1. There are two bunches of hair, bilaterally symmetrical and hanging down
2. The length of the two bunches (the tips of the hair) hang down below the shoulders
3. The place where the hair is tied should be above the ears

These are the three general rules of pigtails. Hairstyles that do not fulfill these three are a different hairstyles. Because we’re fundamentalists~

The furthest on the left are Twintails. The next one is braids, the third is two sides up, and the fourth is twintails.

Examples of Practical Uses of Twintails

Now, I want to see the practical use of twintails in pictures edited by the society. Now, for the sake of convenience, in this article twintails are defined as two bunches of hair hanging down bilaterally and symmetrically.

▼High School Girls and Twintails

If high school girls wear twintails, they become cuter than anything!

Twintails and a red ribbon go together great!

Twintails also match with canned coffee!

It goes well with a perm!

They also shine with a notebook!

They go with guitars!

They match even with swings!

Even when you’re wrapped in a scarf, they work well!

If it’s sisters wearing twintails, it’s double the cuteness!

Caps and twintails are unbearably cute!

If you’re wearing twintails, it makes crepes look that much tastier!

If you jump rope with twintails, you won’t miss!

Twintails with a loose necktie!

Twintails with a provocative look!

The recommended hairstyle for a rainy day is twintails!

▼Talents and Twintails

Of course, there also many talents and models who wear twintails.

Kawaguchi Haruna

Aragaki Yui

Triendle Reina

Masuwaka Tsubasa

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Hinami Kyoko


Shiraishi Mai (Nogizaka46)

Silent Siren

Kuriyama Chiaki


Matsuno Rina and Kawagi Hinata (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku)

Funayama Kumiko

Mogami Moga (


Shiina Hikari

Nagai Ako

Yokota Hikaru

Oomori Akie

Sugino Shizuka

Gotou Ayumi

Mitadera Madoka

Matsukawa Yuiko

▼College Students and Twintails

There are also a lot of girls on Japanese college campuses with twintails.

Keio University

Waseda University

Gakushuin University

Senshu University

Otsuma Women’s University

Rikkyo University

Gakushuin University

Senshu University

Chuo University

Keio University

Tokyo Kasei University

Ritsumeikan University

Kyoritsu Women’s University

Mie University

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

National Health Matsudo City Hospital Nursing School

Oberlin University

Atomi University

Toita Women’s College

Tokyo Zokei University

Nihon University

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

▼Cosplay and Twintails

Cosplay and twintails are also unbearably cute.

InuxBoku Secret Service – Roromiya Karuta


Suzumiya Haruhi

『D.Gray-man』 リナリー・リー (Lenalee Lee)


Death Note’s Misa Misa

Snow White


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