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This is the typical type of shisa that you see on the rooftops in Okinawa.
It’s usually redish brown and usually people decorate a pair of them.

Shisas that I have!

I’m a shisa lover and have a lot of them at my place. I don’t buy them for good luck but I love the designs. There are so many unique shisas nowadays and I’ d like to introduce my favorite ones!

Cheap, small shisas for souvenir

These are a pair of shisa that I bought at a souvenir shop in Naha. They were really cheap and many people bought them as souvenirs. They look kind of like dogs or cats, don’t they? I bought like 20 pairs of them and gave them to my friends.

Unique shisa

My sister bought me this one probably when she went back to Okinawa.
It’s a shisa playing the sanshin (Okinawan instrument) and Kijimuna (fairy living on a tree) is taking a nap while listening to the Shisa’s music. Aren’t they so cute?!

Yonego-yaki shisas

I just love the smiles!
Their smile is like little kids playing happily!
They are Yonego-yaki shisa from Ishigaki Island.
I fell so in love with them at first sight and I bought them for my family too.

These are Yonego-yaki shisa too.
They look like they are dancing or doing something like that, and they look so happy!
I just couldn’t help buying them since they are too cute!
I bought them for a man I respect and he still has them in his office.

Shisas made of jade

These shisa are made of jade. The color green is so beautiful!
I’ve bought some pairs of them and gave them to people who are important to me.
Shisa is for good luck and jade is for good luck too.
They might have super power!

Shisas made of glass

They are made of glass! I choose the blue ones but there are more colors, red, orange etc. They are cute and the colors remind me of the beaches of Okinawa.

Where you can find those?

You can usually find them any souvenir shop in Okinawa!
I bought most of them in Naha but I’m sure you can buy them at theme parks or souvenir shops in other cities.

Shisa T-shirts from Habu Box

Habu Box is probably the most popular clothing brand in Okinawa.
Okinawan young people love Habu Box.
They have some shisa T-shirts so here are a couple of them!

Which one do you like the best?

I actually have more shisas and shisa goods but I think I’ll introduce them another time.
Which one of those do you like the best?

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