There are many beautiful spring flowers in Japan.

Flowers! Regardless of age or gender, it seems that flowers are one thing that everyone likes. Japan is well known for its plethora of pretty flowers, many of which bloom in the spring. This article introduces a couple of Japan's iconic spring flowers. Maybe you'll recognize a few?

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As you all know, Japanese people love sakura. There are many sakura festivals held all over Japan for people to enjoy the cherry blossoms.
But many other flowers help to make beautiful scenery in spring, and there are similarly many kinds of flower festivals in Japan.
Let's look at beautiful spring flowers in Japan, besides sakura.

Canola flowers



This beautiful scenery with yellow flowers spread like a carpet is a canola flower field.They usually start blooming at the same time with sakura, so the contrast of yellow and pink looks very beautiful.The lush yellow color under the blue sky is breathtaking and is an essential flower in Japanese spring scenery. Canola flowers are edible and are used in many spring meals, too. At canola flower festivals all over Japan, you can try many foods with this flower.





It looks similar to sakura, but once you smell the plum blossoms when you approch the tree you will immediately realize the difference. Plum flowers start blooming earlier than most flowers, around the end of winter, and is often seen as a sign that winter is truly ending. The history of plum blossoms in Japan is long. After the Edo period, we first think of sakura when we talk about flower watching. Before then we usually thought of plums.
Plum flowers were loved by the Japanese for a long time and are still used as a popular motif, even in family marks. They are still a very familiar flower to us.






This azalea usually starts blooming after the sakura falls and help to make a distinct change in the scenery compared with sakura. This is a very common and familiar flower that is often planted in parks throughout Japan. There are a wide variety of flower colors, and they cover the ground beautifully. There are also many azalea festivals all over japan.

Japanese wisteria




Japanese wisteria have been loved by Japanese people for a long time because of its beautiful smell and graceful hanging figure.
The last picture of a wisteria tunnel was taken at Kawauchi wisteria park in Kitakyushu.This is a large private park opened in 1977 that is taken care of very strictly by its owner. They are not interested in publicity or making it a popular sightseeing spot. They just love this flower. Breathtaking, isn't it?

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