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What is MUJI, by the way?

Muji (無印良品 Mujirushi Ryōhin) is a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods.
Muji is distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or “no-brand” policy.
The name Muji is derived from the first part of Mujirushi Ryōhin, translated as No Brand Quality Goods on Muji’s European website.

[1] Found MUJI Aoyama

”Found MUJI AOYAMA” launched from the result of MUJI’s wish and action to take good care of peoples’ lives and culture by using the warm feel of handmade items instead of items pursuing functionality.

Some items founded by MUJI are difficult to join in our lives with their original quality. By fitting those items to our current housing quality level and reforming through conversations with their makers, we renovate them as MUJI products.

The goal of ”Found MUJI” is not only finding items created by hand which are used in the lives of people, having great care of creator and user, and background culture. At ”Found MUJI AOYAMA” we’re trying to introduce those items, and think with each visitor about the next way of living creatively.

Found MUJI Aoyama
Opening hour|11:00~21:00
Tel. 03-3407-4666

[2] MUJI house MUJI Shinjuku house center

MUJI Shinjuku house center is a new style of information sending office holding various functions as a model wood house, as assistance service of creating house, and also as event space for information offering about housing and living.
Since model house reproduction first floor of ”wood house”, you can check the actual equipment and methods as well as have a consultation carefully about your house. There are also talk shows, seminars about living and housing, and sections to answer customers’ questions.

You can find out lots of nice ways to live with MUJI items here.

Tel: 03-3353-7752
Opening hour: 11:00~21:00

[3] MUJI Campground

MUJI Campground started in 1995.
From the beginning, our policy ”Enjoy nature as it is” hasn’t changed.
The 3 campgrounds in Tsunan/Niigata prefecture, Minaminorikura/Gifu prefecture, Campania Tsumagoi Campground/Gunma prefecture all convey and save these area’s rich nature, and exists as the spot where visitors can enjoy the outdoors safely.

Campania Tsumagoi Campground

Tsunan Campground

Minaminorikura Campground

What we want to serve is not only the “enjoy nature” experience.
The most important thing is to spend special time with someone else. Through enjoying the outdoors, laughing with family, and having fun with friends, this precious time is what we, the MUJI campground, hope to offer.

Kid’s camps, workshop, outdoor schools, and more events will be held at each campground.

Why don’t you spend your holidays at MUJI campgrounds which are only available in Japan.

[4] Seibu Shibuya MUJI

”MUJI SEIBU SHIBUYA’,’ which has 6 floors of 1,980 square meter has several things to offer. There is food and living room goods in B1, handle bike, ”MUJI to GO”, and customize factory at 1st floor, as well as the first ”Café and Meal MUJI” in Shibuya on the 2nd floor. Holding good sales health and beauty at 3rd floor, putting stationery and men’s wear at 5th floor to keep ”shopping around good.” There is also a childcare service and a fashion adviser on each floor.

MUJI developed the “Moku Iku Plaza” and the “Moku Iku Room” at SHIBUYA SEIBU where you can leave your child to have fun for some time. Even if the child uses the “Moku Iku room” again and again, there are programs prepared every week so the child won’t be bored. Please do enjoy this service.

We will embroider and label any fabric, including items not from MUJI.

You can make an original fragrance from 48 patterns of blended oil. You can also choose the bottle and the label. We will blend the original fragrance for you in the store.

[5] Café and Meal MUJI Shibuya Seibu(part of Seibu Shibuya MUJI)

We are challenging ourselves to connect historical food culture to the next generation by adopting local and traditional food menus, and adopting farming methods that cater to fair trade and the environment.

Special butter chicken curry(limited term)

We keeps synthetic seasoning to a minimum and won’t use preservative at all.
Going to producing center mainly in Japan, and also all over the world,
we communicate with the producer and collect fresh foods.

Baked custard

Shibuya Seibu 2F(Inside of MUJI)
Opening hour 10:00~21:00
TEL 03-3770-1637

At MUJI in Japan, shopping is not the only way to enjoy the brand. You can have a nice experience at each establishment of MUJI. I would highly recommend you to try many MUJI experiences and understand their brand. Enjoy!

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