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Though you could say they’re the imprint of the time when I was young, it’s already been more than 10 years since they broke up.
I was able to go to many of their legendary concerts, and even now I can’t forget it. They’ve become memories.

The shock of when their guitarist, Abe Futoshi, died still remains fresh in my heart. He was the same generation as me.

The albums listed here are total masterpieces.
Since you can listen to their previews, definitely take a chance.

About the Members

◆Chiba Yusuke◆(Vocals)

He’s a man predisposed to being an airhead so you can’t even count the number of stories of that kind.
However, that kind of Chiba brought forth a kind of rare, striking song lyrics that without it, their music wouldn’t have been as big a success as it is.

Right now, along with the drummer Kuhara, he performs with The Birthday.

◆Abe Futoshi◆ (Guitar)

World-famous guitarists of remarkably high talent have praised him highly by saying that his palm mutes could be called demonic.

He was 189cm tall, so his fans called him “hosonagai” (tall and slender).
He really was a man with a good figure and appearance.

He was only known as a very quiet and polite person, though his drunken behavior seemed to be a little bad.

In 2009, he died suddenly of an acute subarachnoid hemorrhage. He was 43.

◆Kuhara Kazuyuki◆ (Drums)

A powerful, impactful drummer whose hairstyle at the time was always a Mohawk.

He’s had a long history of work with the vocalist Chiba, and they’re sworn friends.
Among this set of strange members, he’s probably the most reasonable person.
Right now he’s working with Chiba as part of The Birthday.

◆Ueno Koji◆ (Bass)

Using his favorite Precision base and working without effectors, he played audaciously by being directly connected to the amp.

He looks scary at a glance like Abe, but when he works as a DJ at a club, he has a relatively affable character.

Gear Blues

Among their fans, this album is the most highly valued. It’s also my favorite album.
You can taste this work’s demon-like surging and its god-like piercing exhilaration.

Casanova Snake

To an extent, this is a good album and you can say this is what meant MICHELLE had arrived. They had a legendary concert tour that is still a topic among fans.

There’s nothing else to say but that this is an album listed among other famous music.

High Time

When you add this album to the other two, out of the three it’s difficult for me to say which one is best. This is how good this group of albums are.

The pop feeling of this album is strong, but if you brush that away, Abe Futoshi’s superior drum mute is echoes like a machine gun.

I think that the point of view of the song lyrics competes with the first 2 albums. (Fans might be mad at me for that, though.)
The man wearing the ski mask on the album jacket is Abe Futoshi.

Track number 2, “Lily,” track number 9, “flash silver bus,” and track number 10, “Candy House” are three famous songs among famous music.

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