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Do you know about Super Sonico?



Super Sonico is the new 2D idol that is gathering the passionate gazes of Japan’s devout otaku. At first glance you may think she’s a vocalist like Hatsune Miku, but in reality she has a real human voice. However, no one knows whose voice it is.


Gravure model, musician.

She debuted as the mascot girl for PC game maker Nitroplus’s event “Nitro Super Sonic.” Currently she’s a gravure model and a musician as well as a wide scope of activities like appearing in video games while at the same time actively studying hard in university.

She’s the vocalist and guitarist of the three-piece all-female group “First Astronomical Velocity.” Her nickname is “Nico-chan.”


Super Sonico is always described as a living person.

And Japan’s otaku that support subculture contents have accepted her and send out their passionate encouragement. For Japanese otaku, it’s not really a problem whether the target of their love is a living person or not.

Her activities cover a lot of ground, from figurines to goods and appearances in anime and video games; her activities increase earnestly year by year. The band she belongs to, First Astronomical Velocity, have released 4 albums and 6 singles to date.


Japanese figurine collectors buy many of the same Super Sonico design. Even though it’s the same Super Sonico, the colors will be different so one is used for interior decorating, one for admiring, etc.


Cosplayers will all wear the same wig and the same outfit and become possessed by the same cuteness that Super Sonico exhudes.

Why is Super Sonico’s design so popular that she manages to prop up a one-character business in this over-saturated otaku culture?

There are three reasons for that.

1. She feels like a real character when she shows off moments like when she can’t sing


※A Nico Nico Douga account is required to view this video.

An idol who says “I can’t sing” in the center of her singing and dancing charms is an idol that uses a lethal weakness as a weapon. That sort of idol hasn’t been seen before.

For example, in Japan, afterparties will often be held at karaoke boxes. There, if you can’t sing the song that you chose, often the atmosphere will stop being fun. There aren’t many people that can make that situation seem fun.

The dangerous “video of a girl being unable to sing” was the unattainable goal for existing idol, but when Super Sonico was created, that trait along with her freshness became one of her biggest charms. Idols that can sing and dance perfectly exist in great quantities in Japan. This separates Super Sonico from all idols, whether they be major, underground, 2D, or vocaloid.


2.  Diverse visuals


Super Sonico’s cuteness is spread through various media.

She started with figurines, then spread out to anime, songs, many kinds of posters and desktop wallpapers, interactive games, and videos on Nico Nico Douga.

People learned of her through various media so it was skillfully done. A lot of people were attracted by the different fashions she was presented in.

For example, when idols are presenting a new song, they tend to wear the same outfit that goes with the song. Since they always wear the same clothes, there are many chances to see recognize them on TV, advertisements, and on the internet.

In order to make recognition easier, idols like underground idols and vocaloid idols always wear the same clothes. Of course, fans may draw them in thinks like yukata, kimono, bathing suits, and other outfits but those are not officially recognized visuals.

However, that’s another point on which Super Sonico stands out from all the other idols. She casually wears clothes from all genres, and every time you see her she might look totally different. That keeps her charm fresh and attractive.

This is one of the reasons otaku don’t tire of keeping their eyes on her.


3. Image of the perfect idol


Super Sonico was created as the image of a girl crammed full of the things that her male creators like. Her music taste, her fashion and behaviors, are all strong reflections of men’s ideals.

By the way, here is a list of her favorite musicians as published on the official site.

Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Iggy and the Stooges, the Crash, Patty Smith, and Avril Lavigne.

Lately she’s liked Maximum the Hormone and Grizzly Bear.

Unlike vocaloid idols where fans can freely alter them, Super Sonico was made with a high sense of beauty as the perfect woman so as an idol it is only natural that she captures the hearts of Japanese otaku.


Super Sonico’s Unexpected Race to the Top


The surprising thing is that Super Sonico’s popularity wasn’t something calculated.

At first, Super Sonico was drawn only to decorate the pamphlet for the event the company was holding, so there were only four illustrated pages. Naturally, she was supposed to be shelved after the event was over.

However, the connoisseur otaku that were gathered at the event didn’t overlook her.


In the end, Japan’s renowned figurine collectors sent the company staff passionate letters that said “you shouldn’t shelve Super Sonico just like that” and “if she was a figurine, you could show her charms to many more people.” Just like that, Super Sonico ended up taking a huge step onto a new stage.

This is where everything started.

And from this point on, no one knows how she will impact Japan’s subculture world, or the music scene, or even the world’s content industry.


Here are images of Super Sonico in every media format for all those who want to know more about her.


Super Sonico’s Flourishing World

1. Goods


High Quality T-Shirt – SUPER SONICO (Men’s Large)


B2-size 2-Layer Clear Poster

Acrylic Panel

Check the Official Shop (English) 


2. Figurines




3. Video Games




The promotional videos for the games are below ↓

Super Sonico SONICOMI_PV

Video commemorating her first video game appearance ”Super Sonico ‘SONICOMI’ PV”

PS3″Motto! Sonicomi” ’s Opening

Latest promotional video for “Sonipro,” a video game on sale July 2014


4. Music



Start Up

Rock and Roll ☆ Valentine



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