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Canmake was created in 1985 by IDA Laboratories Tokyo. Most high school and middle school girls who can’t afford expensive cosmetics but still want to look pretty love this brand! They say it’s cute, very good quality and super affordable.


Cream cheek


Those cream blushes have a very good reputation among girls. They only cost 609 yens each.

Cheek and Cheek


Two blushes in the same package! Easy to use and carry.
714 yens each.

Glow fleur cheeks


Here’s a Canmake blush. It has soft pink, medium pinks and orange. The design is particularly cute as it looks like a flower bouquet. In this package, a little blush brush, super convenient for any touch up during the day.


It is 840 yens. 4 colors available.


3 colors eyeshadow palette


When applying your eye makeup you don’t need much more than 3 colors to get a nice and polished look. So here’s the perfect palette for you with a champagne color for highlight, a peachy color to apply all over the lid and a brown color that you can use as an eyeliner or to give more dimension to the eye.


In this palette you have 5 different eyeshadows. This packaging is girly and cute and also small so very easy to carry around in your purse.


Canmake candy lip

Why candy lip? Because your lips will look like delicious candy after applying those lip glosses.
609 yens each.

Creamy touch rouge

If you’re not really a fan of lip glosses, here are some creamy lipsticks that you can rock this spring and summer.

Base makeup

BB cream

During hot summer and to protect their skin from the sun, Japanese girls use BB cream. This BB cream from Canmake acts as a foundation, a concealer, and also a sunscreen (SPF50 PA+++). It also has other benefits such as moisturizing the skin.


To set your makeup, you will need to put some powder so that your foundation/BB cream won’t move during the day. This is Canmake’s Marshmallow finish powder. It will give you a beautiful skin super easily!

Other products…

Nail polishes

Canmake also has a large range of nail polishes.

Glittery nail polishes.


Highlight brush


Face brush


False lashes


Canmake Lucky bags

Canmake is a very affordable brand. But if you would like to pay less and have even more, you definitely want to check Canmake’s Lucky Bags!!
They’re sold at the end of the year and are full of Canmake’s products for 1000 yens or less for about 5 products. But what’s inside the bag is a secret! You can’t see what you get until you purchase it.

Here’s a Canmake Lucky Bag for 700 yens.

Inside the Lucky Bag

Here are 5 products for 700 yens that would normally cost 2625 yens. Yes, it means 73% OFF!!!

You can’t see what product or which color you get until you buy the lucky bag, but for more than 50% discount, it is so worth it! It is usually sold around December, so definitely check those out!

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