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The common, yet super high tech Japanese toilet!

So here’s how the most common Japanese toilet looks like. You will find this kind of toilet in public places but also in the Japanese house/apartment. It has a side panel control on the side and a heated seat which feels so cozy when you sit, especially during cold winter.

The panel control

Let’s take a closer look

While the toilet looks like a Western-style toilet at first glance, there are numerous additional features—such as blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, water jet adjustments, automatic lid opening, automatic flushing, wireless control panel, room heating and air conditioning for the room—included either as part of the toilet or in the seat.[2] These features can be accessed by an (often wireless) control panel attached to the seat or mounted on a nearby wall.[2]

Another type of panel control

Toilet’s panel control can be attached to the toilet or put on the wall nearby the toilet, like in this picture.

The water jet

Here’s the water jet in action!

Otohime, the magic flushing sound

In public places, especially in department stores or train station’s toilets, you will find another type of panel. This is called an “Otohime” which literally means “sound princess”. Just wave your hand across the sensor to activate the sound. It sounds like a typical flushing sound that will be loud enough to cover any embarrassing noises that you might make while using the toilet. It plays for about 25 seconds and you have a stop button to stop it at any moment.

The hand dryer

This is the type of hand dryer you can find in public restrooms. The wind is only coming from above.

Your hands will dry even faster with this hand dryer because the wind is coming from both sides. Put your hands inside and your hands will dry in seconds!

The washbasin

Here’s a common washbasin. Sometimes, there won’t be any soap, but it’s rare.

From the left to the right : soap, water, small hand dryer.

In this picture, a 3 in 1 washbasin. It has the water, the soap and a hand dryer, and of course everything works with a sensor. No need to push any button, everything’s automatic.

Perfect for ladies : the powder room

In the Japanese public restrooms, you have of course the toilet, the washbasin to wash your hands, and even a place to touch up your makeup!

Here’s the JR tower observation deck’s ladies restroom. As you can see, a lot of single mirrors for those who want to touch up their makeup. There’s even enough place to put your bag!

Department store’s powder room

Here is Keio’s (famous department store) ladies restroom. Lot of mirrors so everyone can be able to do their makeup, and there’s even places where you can sit,and use the table to put all your makeup products.

Other powder rooms

Makeup is super important for a Japanese lady. Here are some chairs, tables and mirrors that you can use for free in the ladies’ restroom. So take your time and relax while you do your makeup!

At Mitsukoshi department store, at Ginza

In Japanese houses

A tap at the top of the tank?!

A lot of toilets in Japanese houses have a tap at the top of the tank to save water.

Water saving device on the Japanese toilet: The tank with the water for flushing is refilled not directly but through a tap at the top of the tank, so the users can wash their hands and recycle the water for flushing. The device is activated by the water level in the tank, and if the water level drops (e.g. after flushing), water will flow to refill the tank. Often this is also used not only for washing but also in combination with a slowly dissolving desinfectant underneath similar to an Urinal cake in order to improve hygiene.

We often put a hand towel in the toilet when there’s a tap like in the picture above.

Restroom set

If you go to your Japanese friend’s house, you will probably find in his bathroom this toilet set : mat, cover and slippers! And sometimes also matching hand towel, toilet holder and cover.

Here is an example of those restroom sets. It’s a great way to decorate the smallest room of the house and make it super cozy.

Toilet paper holder and cover

Super cute toilet sets

The classic set

Here’s how to create a peaceful atmosphere in your toilets! One and only color : green. Doesn’t it make you feel you’re surrounded by nature?
Even the toilet paper has a green cover.

Pink floral set

Set composed of a cover seat, a mat, slippers, toilet paper holder and cover, and a hand towel.

Minnie Mouse set

Here is a super girly Minnie Mouse set. The ribbon shaped mat is just too cute!

Totoro set

Are you a Totoro fan? You will love this Totoro toilet set. Look at the mat, it’s in a leaf shape!!!

Big contrast!! Washiki, the Japanese style toilet

Paradoxically, we still have those Japanese style toilets, the squat toilet in some places. Some people prefer this one because it’s easier to clean and more hygienic.
So, which one do you prefer, the squat toilet, or the high tech toilet?

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