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About Cup Noodles

Nisshin Foods began selling “Cup Noodles” on September 18th, 1971, and it was the first of its kind in the world. Since then it has been consumed all around the world.

◆Peyangu Sauce Yakisoba◆

When I’m busy and a deadline is coming up, I’ll definitely eat one of my favorite cup noodles at least for one meal a day.
Anyway, the flavors and the texture of the noodles are the characteristics of this yakisoba. The level of accomplishment is high, and its spiciness makes it extremely delicious.
Since it’s gone on sale, it mostly hasn’t changed.

Though it’s been a staple food for close to 20 years, for the author it’s become an daily necessity that I definitely won’t get tired of.

Topping it with things like ginger, garlic, or eggs is delicious.
Getting the noodles to harden perfectly (drain after 2 minutes and 15 seconds) is definitely a trick.

◆Red Kitsune◆

Lately these instant noodles have undergone a large-scale improvement in deliciousness in both soup and noodles.
If you put eggs in this too it’s delicious. Stuff like natto also works well with this.

◆Cup Noodles◆

Since this product is the very first instant noodle product in the world that is currently eaten all around the world, you could say that this is the most famous instant noodles.

With many different kinds that are very delicious, but I like the seafood noodle and chili tomato flavors best.

If you use half hot water and half milk in your seafood noodle, it becomes super delicious like Nagasaki chanpon.


This is created with a traditional manufacturing method that has never been changed since it has been on sale.
This is a contrastive product to the Red Kitsune’s soup and noodles.

Occasionally I eat these donbei noodles excessively.
If you eat it, you somehow get a taste of relief.

◆Nisshin Men Shokunin◆

I love the salt tanmen flavor.
Though there’s a lot of flavors on sale, this one is considerably delicious.

The noodles are slippery and chewy like namamen noodles, and the soup flavor is consomme.
Topping it with nori seaweed is delicious.

◆Super Cup 1.5x Fermented Miso Ramen◆

This is a product with a considerable history. When it was first on sale it wasn’t very tasty, but after several years it underwent a large-scale renewal and now the miso taste with these noodles and soup is quite delicious.

◆Nisshin Yakisoba U.F.O.◆

This is another product with a considerably long history, and there are quite a few of enthusiasts.
Though it is yakisoba the noodles are rather springy, and the natural yakisoba flavoring is its characteristic.

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