The Millennials Shibuya & Nearby Spots: Experience a Cutting-Edge Stay in the Fashion Central of Japan!

Taking inspiration from Japanese capsule hotels, The Millennials Shibuya was designed as a versatile yet minimalistic hotel with a futuristic edge. Located in one of Tokyo's most prominent commercial areas, Shibuya, they focus on providing ease and convenience through modern technology and sleek design. Read on to learn about this exciting hotel, as well as a few other places of interest in the area, including fashion and shopping tips, gourmet foods, and more!

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The Millennials Shibuya: A New Experience That’s Easily Accessible!

On any given trip, the hotel you pick can make a huge difference to the whole trip. So, this time we will showcase a hotel that is not only relatively cheap, but also convenient and easy to access. Located in Shibuya, where the JR, Tokyo Metro, Keio, Tokyu, and many other train lines all connect, The Millennials Shibuya is a new, upgraded form of hotel based on capsule hotels, perfect for anyone looking for a new experience when staying in Tokyo.

A capsule hotel usually refers to a hotel where all the rooms are sized just large enough to fit a bed and only the bare necessities are provided. Similar to a hostel, most amenities like showers and bathrooms are usually communal. Also, most services are cut to a minimum to save costs, allowing them to continue to offer low prices. Capsule hotels were originally aimed at Japanese salarymen who missed the last train home, but in recent times these hotels have evolved in many surprising ways.

The Millennials Shibuya offers what they have dubbed “smart pods”, spacious and comfortable rooms that are bigger than the average capsule hotel pod, each equipped with a semi-double bed and a safety deposit box. Every guest is also handed an iPod upon entry, which allows the user to control the reclining functions for the bed and the lighting in the room. How convenient!

They have a range of stylish "art pods" you can stay in on the 5th floor for an extra 1,000 yen. The walls of these rooms are covered with artworks, each designed by separate illustrators from all over the world. You'll feel as if you were sleeping at an art museum or gallery! They also have 10 guest rooms set up with a projector for an extra 600 yen, so if you are feeling particularly indulgent, then you can lower the lights, prop yourself up with the reclining bed, and sit back to enjoy your very own private movie screening for one!

Top: 4F Lounge / Bottom Left: Bar Stool Space / Bottom Right: 3F Co-working Space


The amenities provided are also a step up from your average capsule hotel, featuring free Wi-Fi in all areas, along with access to the laundry room, lockers, lounge, workspaces, and more. There's also a kitchen equipped with plates, pots, pans, cutlery, and even a toaster in case you wish to prepare your own meals. The refrigerator is also free for guests to use as they wish, and the coffee from the coffee maker in the lounge is also free. All guests are also provided with toothbrushes, towels, slippers, and so on (pajamas are available for rent at a price).

Left: Kitchen, Right: Amenities


Bread is provided for free in the mornings at breakfast. This is a great excuse to spend your mornings chatting with some of the other guests that are staying here. Their most popular service happens every day between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm, where free beer is available to all guests staying at the hotel, and if you are lucky (or if you plan in advance), you might even catch one of their other events, like live performances such as the Community Nights in English twice a month, similar to an open mic night, and seasonal events on Halloween, Christmas, Tanabata, and so on. Other activities include live music, temporary art galleries, and nightclub/DJ events, so you will always have a place to mingle!

The Millennials Shibuya is a wonderful hotel that is conveniently located in the middle of one of the most popular entertainment and shopping areas in Tokyo. With all of the advantages it provides at a starting price of 6,000 yen, it is definitely worth experiencing once in your lifetime! Other important info to note is that there is free Wi-Fi all throughout the hotel, designated smoking corners, and staff who can speak English, meaning that you shouldn't have any problems communicating with them.

When choosing a hotel, it is always a good idea when choosing a hotel to have a look into the surrounding area and see what’s available. And when it comes to Shibuya, there are so many things to do and places to pick that it can all get a little overwhelming. We’ve included a quick guide to some of the interesting spots near The Millennials Shibuya, so keep these in mind to help you on your trip!

2nd STREET Harajuku Branch: Find That One Perfect Item Just for You!

Around 15 minutes on foot from The Millennials Shibuya is Harajuku, a mecca for young people into the latest trends and fashions in Japan. Within this area lies 2nd STREET, the perfect secondhand store for anyone looking to do some clothes shopping in Japan. With a wide variety of items generally catering for those in their 10s to 30s, their offerings include not just domestic and overseas brands of clothing, but also items such as bags, shoes, hats, watches, wallets, and so on. The men’s corner on the second floor is particularly popular to the younger generation for their lineup of casualwear and street fashion brands. The staff here are equipped with translators so that communication with international patrons can flow smoothly, and anyone visiting from China would be happy to learn that they even offer WeChat Pay support.

Just look at these beautiful shoes! With these many options to choose from, finding your new favorite pair of kicks should be a breeze! It goes without saying that the store does all it can to ensure that their offerings remain in the highest quality possible, but we still want to remind you to double-check the size and condition of any product before you make a purchase. As it is a secondhand store, don’t miss out on this chance to find something unique. And remember, the search and subsequent discovery for your very own hidden treasure can be just as fun as shopping around!

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CHICAGO: Offers an Extensive Lineup, From Streetwear to Kimono

Another highly recommended secondhand clothes store in the area would be CHICAGO. They have a huge variety of reasonably priced items and secondhand clothes from America, Europe, and Japan filling up this vast store, so much so that you’ll be surprised at the selection. From T-shirts, sweats, and pants to skirts, dresses, and more, you can be sure to find something for you.

This store is up to date on the latest trends in the youth-centered Harajuku, and they change up their displays and products accordingly. There are 7 locations of CHICAGO nationwide, and the Harajuku branch is its 4th shop. Their biggest asset is their extensive inventory of products, with roughly a total of 100,000 items regularly in stock across all of their stores. They have even been known to set new fashion trends, too!

Above all else, the biggest draw to this place is that secondhand kimono and happi (traditional Japanese coat worn at festivals) can be purchased here. They are some of the store's most popular products and can be found at prices as low as 1,000 yen here, so it’s definitely worth peeking in just for these. They also have clutches, tote bags, and geta (traditional wooden sandals) made with kimono fabric, so you can coordinate a full kimono outfit. They offer tax free services, too!

The staff here can speak a little English, and each and every one of them is trained to be able to help you put a kimono on, should you want to put it on as soon as you buy it! Stop by CHICAGO to discover fashion from around the world!

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TOY SAPIENS: A Collection of Beautifully Detailed Figures!

For those of you who want to take a break from clothes shopping, visit TOY SAPIENS for a change of pace. They are the official flagship store of HOT TOYS, a company famous for their faithfully sculpted figures of characters from movie franchises like Marvel or Star Wars, and stock all kinds of other high-quality toys in addition to HOT TOYS that are fun just to look at.

Particularly popular among the HOT TOYS lineup is their mesmerizing Movie Masterpiece series consisting of highly detailed 1/6 scale figures of movie characters, as well as their Cosbaby series with eye-catchingly cute figures at around 10cm tall (shown above).

The store also offers a wide range of other non-HOT TOYS products, like the POP! Series from Funko, and a variety of toys, goods, and apparel ranging from 500 yen to 60,000 yen in price. Depending on your timing, you might even find limited edition goods on display for the latest releases to hit the cinemas. Definitely worth a visit to grab some souvenirs if you or any of your friends and family members are movie buffs!

You are also free to take as many photos of their products and displays as you like in the store, so even just window shopping here would make for an enjoyable afternoon. Many of their products are limited edition goods, so don’t be surprised if you find some of them to be out of stock. None of the staff here speak English, so it might be a good idea to bring along a photo of the item, or at least the logo of the maker, if you are looking for something specific. Make sure you also check their Twitter (Japanese only) for the latest news and product updates!

J.S. BURGERS CAFE: Juicy Gourmet Burgers

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds of Tokyo, drop by J.S. BURGERS CAFE to take a break. Casual and relaxed, this is a great place to unwind after a whole day exploring the city. It’s located on the 2nd floor of the same building as The Millennials Shibuya, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. 

As you might have guessed, burgers are the name of the game here. Choose from a huge selection with highlights like the 5 Cheese Honey Burger or the Monster Pound Burger (3 patties!), or perhaps even a customizable gourmet sandwich or hotdog depending on how you feel.

The picture above shows off their signature J.S. Burger: a 150g beef patty layered with avocado, red cheddar, black pepper aioli sauce, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, relish, and mustard, all sandwiched between 2 buns. The patty is 100% beef and the 150g makes it a very filling choice for anyone who orders it. It’s priced at 1,210 yen (plus tax) and comes with fries as a side, with drinks for an extra 300 - 400 yen. Speaking of drinks, they also have a nice selection of draft and bottled beer. With English-speaking staff and the choice of an English menu, what else could you ask for?


These are, of course, just a few of the amazing places to visit in Tokyo. There are so many fun places to explore that you likely won’t get to see it all in one trip. The Millennials is perfectly located in Shibuya, a very central part of Tokyo, allowing you to save a lot of time when traveling around the city. So, why not give the stylish and futuristic The Millennials Shibuya a go while also getting a head start on your to-do list at the same time?

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