The Guide to the 10 Best Thermos Bottles in Japan

These magical water bottles and pots use the latest technology in keeping your drinks hot or cold over long periods of time. There are so many types and brands to choose from in Japan that it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Read through this list to see whats on offer!



1. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mugs

These stainless steel mugs are super popular and lightweight (180g) for you to carry it around with you. You can drink directly from the mug and it being made from stainless steel makes it light and more durable than glass. The product number of the mug shown above is TUFF SM-JD48 and it can hold up to 480 ml. It is sold at ¥4400 and you can use it to keep your cold or hot drinks. The quality of these mugs are so good that after 6 hours, your 95℃ hot liquids will only drop to 70℃. Pour 4℃ cold drinks into it and after 6 hours they will still be cold at 9℃. The mouth of the mug is 4cm in radius, so you won't need to wrestle with the mug when you want to add ice to it. The plastic cover at the mouth of the mug can be removed for washing. 


2. Thermos Stainless Hydration Bottle

This thermos bottle ranks the most popular on most online stores here in Japan. It is manufactured by Thermos and this particular one can be identified by its product number, JNL-502. It can hold up to 500 ml and is lightweight at 210g. You'll find it a bargain at ¥5500. Pour hot 95℃ liquids into it and 6 hours later, you'll get to enjoy it warm at 68℃. On a hot summer day, prepare cold drinks at 4℃ and you'll still get to enjoy them cold at 10℃, 6 hours later. With its mouth at 4cm in radius, you can put in ice at ease. 


3. Tiger Stainless Steel Sahara 2 Way Bottle

This stainless bottle comes with a cap that can be used as a drinking cup too. So you'll have two options; drink straight from the bottle or pour it into the cap and then drink from it. Made by Tiger, this bottle with the product number MBP-F050 can carry up to 500 ml and is sold at ¥6500. 6 hours later, your hot 95℃ liquids will be at 73℃ and your cold 4℃ drinks can be enjoyed at 8℃. The mouth of the bottle is 4.5 cm in radius, so you won't have any trouble in adding ice. You can easily disassemble the bottle too for washing and they'll throw in a durable bottle holder with a strap for easy carrying. 


4. Thermos Tumbler

Thermos has successfully wowed us again with another invention, the thermos cup. Their thermos cups not only can keep hot drinks hot during blistering winters and cold drinks cold on hot summer days. Your 4℃ cold drink will still be cold at 7℃ after an hour. Plus, these miracle thermos cups won't leave water stains on your tables or desks as no condensation will form outside of the cup. The above cup's product number is JDE-340 and it holds 340 ml. These cups are sold at different prices depending on the store and website. 


5. Thermos Sports Bottle

This water bottle will keep you hydrated during your sports session as it can hold up to 1000 ml of liquid and you can drink straight from the bottle easily. Made by Thermos, this bottle is sold at ¥7000. On hot summer days, stay cool with this 400g bottle cause it will keep your 4℃ water cool after 6 hours. It comes with a holder and a strap for easy transportation and with the mouth at 4.5 cm in radius, you can add ice to your drinks easily. When you are looking for this particular one shown above, just tell the store clerk that you are looking for FFZ-1001F.


6. voda Sports Bottle

This durable water bottle is another great option. This one is made by voda and the product number is XDB200-14. It can hold up to 2000 ml of water! ¥6000 is a bargain for this big bottle! It will keep your 4℃ cold even after 6 hours. It weighs 1 kg and the mouth of bottle is 8 cm in radius, so you will definitely not have any problems with adding ice into the bottle. This is the bottle to bring for when you are planning to be outdoors for long periods of time!

7. Zojirushi Thermal Carafe

Electric pots are considered as vintage next to this thermal carafe. This carafe can keep your hot drinks hot and yummy the whole day long. You can pour hot coffee into it and wash it easily at the end of the day and we all know what a struggle electric pots are when it comes to washing. This one shown above is made by Zojirushi and its product number is SH-HA10. It can hold up to 1000 ml of water and is sold at ¥4800. 10 hours later your hot piping water will come out at 67℃. Naturally, you can also use it to store cold drinks. The radius of the mouth is 6.7cm and that makes washing easy. It weighs 700g when empty. 


8. Thermos Carafe

This beautiful 1000 ml carafe is made by Thermos and it's product number THV-1001. It is sold at ¥6000. You can use it for both hot and cold drinks. Pour 95℃ hot liquid into it and 10 hours, you'll get to enjoy it at 66℃. When the weather is hot, use it to keep your 4℃ cold drinks and at the end of 10 hours they will still come out cooling at 11℃. Its wide mouth at 11cm in diameter makes washing easy, plus it is lightweight at 500g when empty. 

9. Tiger Stainless Steel Air Pump Jug

This might not be the thermos you want to buy if you are looking for one to bring with you wherever you go but still you shouldn't dismiss this option if you are looking for one to put at home or in the office. This big sturdy stainless steel jug comes with an air pump that makes dispensing easy. This one here is made by Tiger and its product number is MAA-C300XC. It holds up to 3000 ml. This beauty is sold at ¥9000. Pour hot 95℃ liquid into it and your hot drink will still be hot at 74℃ even after 10 hours. The most mind-boggling fact is that it keeps your hot drink hot even without the use of electricity! You can also use it with cold drinks. 4℃ cold drinks will still be cool as a cucumber at 7℃ after 10 hours. The mouth is wide, so washing wouldn't have to be tedious. The top cover opens to receive hot water. 


10. Zojirushi Air Pot

This Air Port dispenser is the pride and joy of Zojirushi. This particular one here is sold at ¥9700. It holds up to 3000 ml and it will serve 95℃ hot drinks at 74℃ after 10 hours. Cold drinks will still be cool at 8℃ after 10 hours. The mouth is 7cm in radius and that will allow easy cleaning. Head to the shop now to buy this beautiful masterpiece by looking for is product number SR-CC30.

Electric kettles and pots are things of the past. The market is full of miracle thermos bottles that don't need electricity to keep your drinks hot or cold for long hours. This is the list to go through when you are in the need to get a new bottle or carafe. 

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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