The great power of tofu- the representative of healthy Japanese food

Tofu is known as the representative of healthy Japanese food. But do you know what its great health benefits are?


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Healthy Japanese food is now very popular around the world.
For their health, or for controlling their weight, whatever the reason many people are enjoying healthy Japanese food these days.
There are many healthy ingredients in Japanese food, but I think the ingredient which represent healthy Japanese food best is definitely tofu.
Tofu has been eaten by buddhist monks as a vegetable diet for a long time and is known as a "long life food' due to its healthiness.
There are plenty of health benefits to tofu, and this is the reason why it has been loved by Japanese people for so long. It is also why it is loved by many people all over the world these days!
Let's learn about the great power of tofu!

How do we make Tofu?


The only ingredient we need to make Tofu are "soy beans".
Soy beans are sometimes called "meat in a field," and include high quality protein and lipids with a high nutritious value.
Protein is a essential ingredient to make the cells of our skin, guts, muscles, bones and blood.
Tofu is made by having the soy beans crushed, heated, squeezed and tightened.
Even after all of these procedures, most of the ingredients of soy beans are still in tofu.

5 benefits of having Tofu for our health.

1) Easy to digest and very kind to our stomach.

Soy beans are known as a high nutritious value food yet are hard to digest, but once it becomes tofu, it become very easy to digest.
Since the nutritious value is the same and it is easy to digest, it is good for sick people, older people and babies.

2) Being able to lose weight without losing nutrition.

Low calorie tofu is the perfect ingredient to lose weight.
When people try to lose their weight by dietary restrictions, they tend to be under nutritious. But as you know, tofu includes plenty of nutrients.
Similarly, tofu doesn't have a strong taste and so you can mix it up with a meal easily.

3) Great effect of soy isoflavone for women.

One of the nutritions in tofu, isoflavone is a nutrition which has a great effect for women.
Isoflavone helps the function of female hormones which are essential for a women's beauty.
Thanks to this isoflavone, having tofu constantly makes our skin beautiful and even helps us avoid some diseases.

4) Bring down your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

The protein in tofu helps to lower your cholesterol level and peptide suppresses elevation of your blood pressure.
Thanks to these effects, it is thought that tofu prevents people from having arteriosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks.

5) Improving the internal environment.

Oligosaccharide is a saccharide which is included in tofu.
Lactobacillus bifidus in our intestines is said to work benefits for our body. For example, suppressing the increase of bad bacteria, improving your immune system or resolving carcinogens.
Oligosaccharide is bait for this lactobacillus bifidus and helps them to work more effectively.

These are popular ways to eat tofu in Japan! Delicious tofu meals.


Dllu/Wikimedia Commons

This is the most simple and common way to eat tofu in Japan.
Eating tofu with only soy sauce and spices (usually leeks, dried bonito and ginger).
This is also a very popular side dish when we drink alcohol.

Agedashi Doufu

Agedashi doufu is made by deep fried tofu.
This is very popular food at Japanese Izakaya's (Japanese style bars).
It is served hot, so it is especially nice to have in winter.

Tofu hamburg steak

Hamburg steak is usually made by grounded beef and pork, but it is very healthy and economic to use less meat and more tofu.This tofu hamburg is popular in homemade cooking these days, especially among health conscious young people.

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