The Best 8 Japanese Ice Cream You Can't Miss

Here's the list of most popular ice cream products in Japan.


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1.Yukimi Daifuku : Season limited best selling ice cream!

Created by Lotte in 1981, Yukimi Daifuku is revolutionary ice cream because of its Japanese-Western hybrid nature. Outer soft skin comes from traditional Daifuku mochi(photo below), and filling ice cream comes from the west. When you put Daifuku in the freezer, its skin is frozen. And you miss soft texture of Daifuku. But the amazing food technology of Lotte keep its skin soft as ice cream !

Aside from classical vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor, Macha green tea flavor , cookie and cream flavor and chocolate with strawberry flavor are available.

There's nothing like Yukimi Daifuku, while Yukimi(seeing snow falling from the sky) in a Kotatsu warm table with heater.

The source of the inspiration : Traditional Daifuku Mochi


2.Anzubo(Apricot bar) : Nostalgic taste and price

Using dried apricot(anzu), Anzubo produced by Minatsune tastes sweet and a bit sour. A good thing about Anzubo is its affordable price. Each bar is at 20 yen or so ! That's why kids love it so much ! Eating Anzubo with my friends after school was something when I was little.

Unfortunately, there days I don't see Anzubo at super market. :(

It looks like this when it's frozen.

3.Pannap : The art of tasty layers


A while ago I saw a Facebook post about launching of multi-layer ice cream in the U.S.A, and readers were excited for that product. But for me it looks like American version of Panaap. Since 1978, Panapp produced by Glico has been proud of its tasty multi-layer of Vanilla and fruit sauces.

Aside from grape, strawberry yogurt and chocolate flavor are available.


4.Pino : Fancy size ice cream

6 pieces of small milk ice cream covered with chocolate consist of Pino, produced by Morinaga. Chocolate softly melts on your tongue, and the balance between ice cream and chocolate is just perfect. It's one of long-seller ice cream products in Japan.

5.MOW : The taste of rich milk from Hokkaido

Produced by Morinaga, MOW Hokkaido milk vanilla is made from high quality skimmed condensed milk made in Hokkaido(called "the kingdom of dairy foods"), fresh cream and mascarpone cheese. It has a rich milk savor, but its aftertaste is nice and light.

Aside from milk vanilla, milk chocolate, milk strawberry, milk cheese and double berries milk are available.

6.Mousse : School meal dessert in the Kyushu region

Produced by Seria Roile, Mousse is school meal dessert, but now it's becoming a popular item across the nation. An interesting thing about Mousse is its magically soft texture. It's really unique to Mousse.

Mousse Anin(Chinese Almond Pudding) has been launched lately.

7.Giant Cone

Yuya Tamai/Flickr

One of the best selling ice cream is Giant Cone by Glico. Actually, there's a predecessor of the national best selling ice cream, its name is Glico Cone, which was launched in 1963.

Giant Cone debuted in 1984. Ice cream fills its cone, and its top is covered by chocolate. Because of its affordable price(100yen) and enough amount of ice cream, Giant Cone has a massive presence in the ice cream market for long years.

8.Garigari-kun : The king of flavors

Last but not least, we can't forget Garigari-kun by Akagi. It is the king of flavors from classical sweet Soda flavor to Stew flavor !

Its stick has a lot. If "Atari" was written on the stick, you can get a complimentary Garigari-kun ! You just need to show the wooden stick to a shop clerk.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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