The Best 20 Activities for a Day in Odaiba, Tokyo: Immersive Art, Ghost Houses, and More!

Odaiba is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. In fact, it's not just popular among tourists, it's a favorite date and hangout spot for Tokyo locals, too. This article will introduce the best sightseeing spots, restaurants, and more so that you can plan the perfect day in Odaiba!


Things to Do

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Top 5 Sightseeing Spots in Odaiba

1. teamLab Borderless | Palette Town

*teamLab Borderles will close on August 31 2022 and will reopen at a city-center location in Tokyo sometime in 2023

teamLab Borderless is a digital art installation in Odaiba. Created by the art collective teamLab, this installation is often featured in TV and in magazines. In fact, it's so popular that tickets often sell out. The vast, 10,000 square meter installation uses the floors, walls, and ceilings to create expansive and immersive digital art pieces. The moment you step inside you'll truly feel like you've entered an exciting new world. 

These responsive artworks blur the boundary between artwork and reality, giving an immersive experience of a world that only teamLab could create. The way this artwork engages the five senses is sure to leave you feeling inspired!

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2. United Cinemas | Aqua City Odaiba

These days, there are some people who feel a little unsatisfied with the standard movie-going experience, but cinema is entering a whole new era in Tokyo! If you've ever wanted to feel more immersed at the cinema, the Screen X system delivers. With additional screens installed on the sides of the main screen, cinema-goers are surrounded with a 270 degree view that fills the whole field of vision, giving you the sense that you're been drawn into the world of the movie.

You can experience this Screen X system as well as 4D screen technology at United Cinemas Aqua City in Odaiba. When you're looking forward to seeing the latest big blockbuster, a normal screen just isn't enough! Don't miss this chance to see the latest and greatest cinema technology while you're in Tokyo.

3. Daiba Haunted School | DECKS Tokyo Beach

Daiba Haunted School is a haunted house attraction that's been gaining attention in Odaiba. Staged in a set that looks like a typical Japanese school, this haunted house has earned great reviews for the skilled performances that make it feel terrifyingly real.

The secret is a special production effect called SAITO∞REAL which is only used at Odaiba Ghost School. This cutting edge haunted house production created over four years is sure to be like nothing like you've ever seen before! 

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4. Joypolis | DECKS Tokyo Beach

Joypolis is an indoor amusement park with a wide range of attractions spanning three floors. This spot is a great place to enjoy on a rainy day, and everyone's sure to love the full-scale rides here that are just as thrilling as ones you'd find in an outdoor park.

You can also try a puzzle-solving treasure hunt here. These types of puzzle treasure hunts are really popular in Japan at the moment, and if you choose to join in you can explore the park while solving the mysteries of the ancient documents. Joypolis is great fun even if you're not a big fan of scary rides, and for locals it's definitely a reliable spot to visit whenever you're looking for something fun to do on a day off.

5. Tokyo Trick Art Museum | DECKS Tokyo Beach

Tokyo Trick Art at DECKS Tokyo Beach is perfect for anyone who likes art and galleries. The illusions here have a retro Tokyo feel, so it's a fun spot that feels like a step back in time. 

Of course, the most fun thing to do here has to be challenging yourself to get the perfect illusion photo! You'll see everyone working on their poses as they try to create the most realistic looking illusion they can here. Why not try it out yourself and create your own original artwork at Tokyo Trick Art Museum?

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Best 4 Lunch Spots in Odaiba

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1. Kua Aina | Aqua City

Next, we'll introduce some great lunch spots in Odaiba. If you're looking to spend all day here, you want to find a spot that has a well-priced lunch menu. At the same time, you want to make sure you have a solid meal that won't leave you hungry again too quickly! If you want an affordable and filling lunch, how about a burger at Kua Aina?

Kua Aina is a popular Hawaiian restaurant located in Aqua City. You won't complain about the American-style portions: they're sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites. The burgers with healthy avocado are a popular choice, and the view is another excellent reason to visit!


Green Asia Tokyo in Roppongi Hills has been well-reviewed for its delicious Asian cuisine and stylish interior design. Its Odaiba location inside the Aqua City complex. The gapao (Thai chicken and basil stir fry) served here has been particularly well-reviewed. This dish is quite popular in Japan, and the generous serve of aromatic ingredients makes it a healthy option, too.

The interior has a relaxed and stylish South Asian vibe, making it perfect for a meal with a date. You're sure to have a fun time over a delicious meal here.

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3. Odaiba Takoyaki Museum | DECKS Tokyo Beach

If you're looking for a fun and affordable lunch, check out the Takoyaki Museum at DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall. You can enjoy a range of types of takoyaki at the various stands here. You'll even find branches of Osaka takoyaki restaurants here, so you can enjoy genuine Osaka-style takoyaki without having to leave Tokyo!

We recommend trying the Four-Point Share Plate Assortment from the restaurant Yama-Chan. The base stock is made with a variety of ingredients like onion, apple, and banana, which are all slowly simmered over four hours to create takoyaki batter that has a true depth of flavor. The Dotonbori Assortment and Dotonbori Set also gives you a chance to try three different types of takoyaki in one.

4. Ikayaki Stand Odaiba | DECKS Tokyo Beach

*Ikayaki Stand is permanently closed

Ikayaki Stand Odaiba has become the real talk of the town lately! The Odaiba store is only outlet in the whole Kanto region, so it's a must-visit when you're in the area. You might not get this sense from the "stand" in the name, but this is actually a stylish, cafe-style eatery.

Ikayaki is made by adding soft squid meat to a fluffy, chewy batter that's then grilled on a special teppanyaki iron griddle.

Flavors include Japanese style types like mentaiko roe, yuzu-pepper, or corn, butter and soy sauce. Western-style options include salsa & curry, basil-mayonnaise, and more. Another great feature is Ikayaki Stand's low prices: options here start at only 300 yen!

4 Great Restaurants for Dinner in Odaiba

1. Yakatabune Hamadaya

A dinner option we definitely want to recommend in Odaiba is a night cruise on the Yakatabune Hamadaya. Enjoying the city's night view over a meal while you cruise is sure to create an unforgettable memory of your time in Tokyo.

Some people assume you need to charter the whole boat for a private event, but these days there are affordable public cruises available. Prices depend on the type of options you choose, but you can typically enjoy a cruise and meal for around 10,000 yen.

2. Grillology Bar & Grill | Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Grillology Bar & Grill is perfect if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy a hearty meal in a great atmosphere. Grilling means using the power of flames to draw out the maximum flavors from meat and vegetables. As simple as it may seem, it's actually quite a difficult cuisine to master, and the menu here will undoubtedly to satisfy any meat lover.

Since this restaurant is located inside the Hilton Tokyo, wouldn't it be a nice present to surprise a special someone with a stay at the hotel after your meal?

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3. Oshima Odaiba | Grand Nikko Tokyo

*Oshima Odaiba is temporarily closed

Just like wine and French cuisine, authentic kaiseki cuisine is one of those things many adults feel like they should be well-versed in. Anyone is sure to be impressed by a meal at a sophisticated restaurant like Oshima. This elegant kaiseki restaurant serves traditional Kaga-style cuisine, and is often used by locals for formal occasions like engagement dinners.

While Oshima has restaurants in the Ginza and Shinagawa areas, its Odaiba location is housed in the Grand Nikko Tokyo hotel. This restaurant is recommended for anyone trying authentic Japanese kaiseki meals for the first time, or for anyone looking for a unique and special date.

4. KING OF THE PIRATES | Aqua City Odaiba

The last restaurant we'll introduce is King of the Pirates Odaiba. Just as its name suggests, this pirate-themed restaurant is a lively spot that's sure to set a fun mood. What's more, it has a great ocean view. Atmosphere-wise, what else could you need?

This restaurants serves everything from hearty dishes like BBQ back ribs to Japanese restaurant staples like doria, a type of rice gratin. The theme park style atmosphere is perfect for anyone looking for a meal out with a fun vibe.

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Best 3 Spots for Night Views in Odaiba

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1. Odaiba Marine Park

If you want to enjoy a night view as you walk, why not take a stroll around Odaiba Marine Park? You can reach this park in around 10 minutes from Aqua City and around 15 minutes from Palette Town or Venus Fort.

From Marine House in the park you can see a view to the Rainbow Bridge, and with the waves of Odaiba beach forming the background music to your visit, you'll enjoy a resort-like feel. Another good way to enjoy the park is to take a walk to the famous replica of the Statue of Liberty. Odaiba Marine Park can be quite busy during the day, but in the evenings you can enjoy some peace and quiet here.

2. Daikanransha Ferris Wheel | Palette Town

*Daikanransha Ferris Wheel will close on August 31 2022

The Palette Town Ferris Wheel has remained a long-time symbol of the Odaiba area. This is a popular date spot that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Odaiba scenery. When it was first built in 1999, this Ferris wheel was the tallest in the world, and was even listed in the book of Guinness World Records!

Four carriages out of the 64 on the wheel are designed to be see-through, giving riders an even more thrilling experience and uninterrupted view of the scenery. Each ride takes 16 minutes, during which you can enjoy a completely unique panoramic night view.

3. Fujisan Terrace | Fuji TV

Next up Fujisan Terrace, a spot with a great night view and no entry fee! Take the elevator to the 7th floor of the Fuji TV building and a rooftop garden awaits. From here you can see a beautiful view of the Odaiba area, including the Palette Town Ferris Wheel and Rainbow Bridge. The Ferris wheel is lit up in different colors depending on the season, so this is a place you can visit again and again.

3 Hidden Gems in Odaiba

1. Casino Venus | Venus Fort

*VenusFort closed on March 27 2022

Dice tumbling through the roulette wheel, dealers expertly dealing out cards... Casinos aren't a common sight in Japan, which makes a stop at Casino Venus so unique!

Located in Venus Fort, Casino Venus teaches you the rules to the different games while you play. Don't miss this rare chance to visit a casino in Japan!

2. Rainbow Bridge Promenade

If you're in the mood for a peaceful walk somewhere removed from the busy streets, try the Rainbow Bridge Promenade. The Rainbow Bridge is used by cars, but you can stroll along the promenade on foot as well.

Even better, there's no entry fee! It's a little busier during the day, but the Fuji TV building and the beautiful curve of the highway and surrounding buildings makes for an iconic and memorable Tokyo view.

3. Odaiba Shrine | Aqua City Odaiba

Odaiba Shrine is located on the roof of Aqua City, an entertainment complex full of restaurants and stores. Considering its setting, you might be surprised to hear that this shrine has a real pedigree as a sub-shrine of Shiba Dajingu Shrine, one of Tokyo's ten major shrines.

You can buy original amulets and fortunes at this busy shrine that also sees large crowds for hatsumode, the first shrine visit of the year. It can be quite crowded during the day, but in the evenings the night view from the rooftop is very beautiful. This is a real hidden gem in the area, and is a great spot for enjoying a peaceful moment in the evening.

Make the Most of Your Day in Odaiba!

We hope that our list of things to do in Odaiba will come in handy during your trip to Tokyo There's so much to see and do in this area it would be hard to fit it all into just one day. If you use this guide to narrow down the places you want to see you're sure to enjoy a really memorable day in Odaiba, Tokyo!

If you want to give feedback on any of our articles, you have an idea that you'd really like to see come to life, or you just have a question on Japan, hit us up on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!


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