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1. Blacows (Ebisu Nishi)


In Japan, there are many famous high-quality meats – including Kobe Beef, Matsuzaka-gyu, etc. And then there is ‘Yazawa meat’, and A5 rank wagyu-beef. Blacows is a burger joint that uses strictly Yazawa meat and it is SO GOOD. The combination of their meat, bun (specially made by Maison Kayser!), and sauces makes the most mouth watering burger I’ve had yet. I used to love Mos Burger (a popular fast food burger place in Japan), but after having Blacows, it’s just not the same anymore… the quality and taste are at a completely different level. I’ve also tried some other popular burger joints in town such as ‘Burger Mania’, but none of them have beat Blacows in my book. This place has consistently been a crowd-pleaser for all of our friends, and I highly recommend that you try it too.

If it’s your first time, you should try their signature Bacon Cheese Avocado Burger, you won’t regret it. Since I’ve gone so many times, I keep on changing the ingredients I choose inside. Their cobb salad is good as well. To my friends in California, this beats In-N-Out burgers!!

2. Brozer’s (Ningyocho)


The most impressive burger here is the Lot Burger ¥1,500– an over-the-top (yet highly satisfying) burger that includes a succulent patty made using a 7:3 ratio of Australian mincemeat to prized, fatty wagyu beef, bacon, egg, cheese and pineapple. And it’s not just the combination of the ingredients that’s impressive; to prevent the lettuce from becoming limp, each lettuce leaf has been carefully arranged with a precision akin to gift-wrapping. Furthermore, Brozers’ also offer diners a choice of four original sauces, starting with their very own barbecue sauce.

3. Martiniburger (Kagurazaka)


Craving an NY style gourmet burger in Tokyo? Then try Martiniburger in Kagurazaka. When you first pass by this restaurant you might mistake it for a bar because of the Absolut Vodka signs that are advertised on their large windows and the neon blue bar counter that shines through, but it’s actually a great burger joint. … The great part about the burgers here is that you’re not overwhelmed by all the toppings, you really taste the 100% beef that is oh so juicy. And the price? Not too shabby for all of this food. Oh, and if you’re not in the mood for a burger but are craving American food, they also have chicken sandwiches, lasagnas, pecan pies, and cocktails 🙂

4. J.S. Burgers (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku)


Spinning off a burger joint from an earthy fashion label isn’t the most obvious business strategy, but Journal Standard has greatly contributed to the meat-and-bread scene by giving birth to restaurant chain J.S. Burgers. The company operates three branches, in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku, all of which are well up there when it comes to serving some of the best burgers in Tokyo.

Options are updated seasonally, though you can always create the burger of your choice by selecting from a list of toppings.

5. AS Classics Diner (Meguro)


The patties at AS Classics Diner are made using only carefully selected, hand chopped beef, and literally drip with flavour. The quality of the meat used here is so good that saying these patties are made using ‘mincemeat’ just doesn’t seem to do them justice. Look out for the Hot and Sour Burger ¥1,418, which combines one of these unusually high quality patties with homemade chili and sour cream – with the bite of the sour cream working to bring out the flavour of the chili.

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