Join a Night Food Tour to Explore Osaka's Little Known District of Temma!

Along with Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka is one of the most well-known cities in Japan and is home to famous sightseeing spots like Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Namba, and Universal Studios Japan. These sights are all great and worth visiting, but there are probably many people that want to explore the lesser known areas of Osaka, too! Why not explore the culture and soul food loved by real Osakans with a guided tour? Go on a "deep" food tour of the Temma area of Osaka, and you can enjoy casual conversation with the locals and delicious cuisine in an interesting and lively, yet less crowded, atmosphere!

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This tour lets you indulge in the culinary wonders of Temma, a hidden gem neighborhood in Osaka. In addition to several eateries whose offerings change daily, this area is also characterized by the over 1,000 Chinese lanterns that line its streets. 

Come along to experience the authentic charms and tasty delicacies of Osaka, a gourmet paradise known as Japan's Kitchen!

Try Out Some Osaka Delicacies in Temma!

Temma is teeming with restaurants that are loved by Osaka locals, and is a place where you can get a taste of truly authentic Osaka cuisine, unlike in many of the more touristy areas. This area is such a hidden gem that many Japanese not from Osaka don't even know about it!

Another charm of this area is that, while the food is top-notch in terms of flavor, it's actually extremely affordable when compared to other areas in Osaka, a city known for it's kuidaore (literally, "eat until you drop") culture. This is truly a spot that you have to visit if you want to experience Osaka cuisine.

Here are some of the foods that you can enjoy on this food tour:


Okonomiyaki is one of the most iconic foods of Osaka. Enjoy piping hot, authentic okonomiyaki prepared right before your eyes on an iron griddle by the experienced staff!


If you're at an izakaya (Japanese pub), yakitori (grilled meat skewers) is one of the dishes you simply have to try. The yakitori you can get in Temma is amazingly delicious as well as reasonably priced, so how could you say no? There are many varieties, so you may as well try to taste as many different ones as you can! Then you will truly understand why Osaka is the city of "eat until you drop"! 


Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) is another must-try food in Osaka. From skirt steak to spare ribs and even beef tongue, you can order a variety of cuts of meat to grill by yourself in this fun dining experience. Order whatever suits your fancy! While it is not available at every shop, you ought to try the Osaka specialty kotecchan (small intestine) if you have the chance. You are sure to enjoy the unique texture and delicious taste of this rare treat!

Nabe Horumon and Udon

This is nabe horumon, a dish comprised of offal and vegetables cooked in an indented iron griddle. It's a tasty dish known for its juiciness and slight spiciness that you won't want to miss. 

After you finish eating the meat, the next step is to cook some udon (thick noodles) in the leftover juices, creating a whole new culinary masterpiece. You'll love the deep flavor that develops from the meat, vegetables, and sauce. 

Sashimi & Sushi

Here you can see sashimi and nigiri sushi made with delicious and fatty fish. The fish is delivered from a market located close to Temma, so it is guaranteed to be super fresh! There are even some shops that have fish tanks inside, so you can enjoy the freshest fish possible. 

What is Temma Like?

Located just one train stop from the popular area of Umeda, Temma has long prospered as a marketplace area. Unlike places such as Namba and Dotonbori that are crowded with tourists, the streets here are packed mostly with locals who have come to visit the markets and indulge in various goods sold at wholesale prices. The area has an unaffected and warm atmosphere that many Japanese visitors find somehow nostalgic. 

While Temma is a little-known spot that many Japanese people who aren't originally from the Kansai area have never heard of, it is adored by Osaka locals for its easy access via subway and many other reasons.

One of the most impressive things about this area is the street decorated with 1,000 Chinese lanterns! You may want to visit here just to take some photos. 

On A Guided Tour, You Can Even Enter Places You Normally Wouldn't!

Temma is full of so many amazing restaurants that it would be impossible to introduce them all. However, since this is not a tourist area, many of them do not offer English-language menus or services, so they can be quite intimidating to enter.

However, when you are accompanied by a Japanese guide, that's not a problem at all! This is a great chance to enjoy the wonders of Osaka cuisine in an atmospheric area that isn't visited by many tourists. By all means, give it a try!

TEMMA: “Deep” Food Tour of Local Favorites

* Please bring cash, as many places do not accept other forms of payment.
* The budget for each restaurant is around 2,000 - 3,000 yen.


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