Ten Gorgeous Pictures of Japanese Autumn Foliage in Japan

While the Japanese tradition of hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, is more famous, there is also a time-honored version for the fall. The autumn foliage is anticipated every year, and the leaves turn color in what is called the "foliage front" from Hokkaido to Kyoto in the months between September and December.


Things to Do

Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi


Yamanakako Lake, Yamanashi


Kiyomizudera's Foliage, Kyoto


Oyasu Canyon, Akita



Arima Onsen, Hyogo

Kinkakuji-temple, Kyoto


Chionin, Kyoto



Daigoji-temple, Kyoto


Komyoji-temple, Kyoto

lost in heart /Flickr

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