teamLab Planets Tokyo Is Getting a New Garden Area That Will Leave You in Awe

After captivating millions of visitors with its striking digital artwork, teamLab is stepping up the game by adding two new body-immersive installations to its teamLab Planets exhibition in Tokyo’s Toyosu area. These awe-inspiring artworks, that recreate the zen atmosphere of traditional Japanese gardens, will allow visitors to become one with nature!


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Teamlab Planets Tokyo’s New Garden Area Is Made up of Two Sensational Installations

Upon entering the first installation —which is called Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One— visitors will find themselves in a mirrored room where 13,000 epiphytic orchids bloom, beautifully floating in the air. This artwork is designed so that the flowers float up and descend according to the movements of the people in the room, continuously reshaping the space of the installation.  Freely wandering through the fragrant flowers, visitors will get the chance to soak in the zen atmosphere of this artwork and become one with the garden.

The second installation is an outdoor hazy moss garden called Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosm - Solidified Light Colors, Sunrise and Sunset. The enchanting moss garden houses interactive ovoids that, if pushed by visitors or the wind, will fall back and then rise up again, activating an acoustic domino effect throughout the room with the ovoids emitting the same resonating sound one after the other. The silver sculptures also change their appearance throughout the day: with sunrise they peacefully reflect the surrounding world but once the sun sets, they start shining on their own, lit up with 61 different colors of light and also echoing when pushed.

If you are curious about teamLab Planets and the immersive artwork this museum exhibits, you can find more about each piece of art on the teamLab official website. The new Garden Area opened a few days ago on July 2, so don’t miss the chance to be one of the first to admire this striking spectacle!

Thumbnail: PR Times via teamLab Planets Tokyo

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