Take a Whale Watching Tour in Okinawa on a Newly Built Ship!

Winter is when the whales return to the warm waters of Okinawa!
How about going to see these majestic creatures up close on a large, newly built boat?
Whale watching offers a rare opportunity to see these gargantuan marine creatures in their natural element. From breaching to mating to spy-hopping, you’ll have front-row seats for all kinds of endearing cetacean behaviors.
Bring along your family, friends, or even a date on a thrilling whale watching adventure!

Cruising the Beautiful Waters of Okinawa on a Newly Built Ship

A new large-scale catamaran ship was acquired in 2019 for whale watching tours.
The stable ship design comes highly recommended for those who may be concerned about seasickness.
There are observatory seats on the upper deck, as well as two separate bathrooms.
While the boat is designed to seat 60 passengers, the tour is limited to 40 people to ensure that you can cruise in spacious leisure.
Go on a beautiful cruise over the seas with your family, as a couple, or with friends on the pristine waters of Okinawa.
Of course, solo travelers are always welcome, too.

Basic Information


From 4,800 yen