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Five Japanese Actresses Who Look Amazing in Kimono or Yukata

Lately, few women walk around in full kimono unless they’re going to a formal event. Yukata are slightly more common in the summer because of an abundance of festivals, but mostly it’s become easier to stick to Western clothing. However, this has made wearing kimono to be something very special, and seeing actresses wear the elaborate outfits brings a rather refreshing yet upscale feel to any red carpet.
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Easy Hairstyles for Kimono and Yukata

As a foreigner, I have always wondered how long the Japanese ladies take to set up their hair to go with their kimono or yukata. The hairstyles look complicated and I thought the Japanese will use more than 30 minutes just to set up a nice hairstyle to go with their traditional attires. In fact, I’m wrong. I discovered that the hairdos can be pretty simple yet nice. Check out the videos below! The ladies used less than 10 minutes to get their beautiful hairstyles to go with their kimono and yukata.
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