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A Complete Guide to Osaka and Umeda Stations For Foreign Travelers

The area around Osaka and Umeda Stations is great as a base for sightseeing or as a cuisine or shopping spot, but it’s so confusing that even Japanese people often get lost. This article has photographic guides to help foreign travelers find their way through the stations as well as helpful information. Please check it when you’re coming to Osaka for a smooth trip.
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Visiting Tokyo? Get familiar with the Toei subway lines

Like the Tokyo Metro subway lines, the Toei subway is the other major operator of the Tokyo subway system. If you read the Tokyo Metro article, you’ll be glad to know that there are only four lines on the Toei, and one of them is the Asakusa, which provides express services to both Narita and Haneda airport. Be sure to plan your trip beforehand so you know exactly where to go on the subway lines!
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