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[Local College Students Tell All!] All About the Bunny Shrine, Kyoto’s Higashi Tenno Okazaki Shrine

When it comes to sightseeing spots in Kyoto, shrines and temples are at the top of the list. However, many people might think it is rather difficult to find out what one needs to see and do when visiting these places. Therefore, this beginner’s guide will show how to enjoy some recommended shrines and temples. Check out the Higashi Tenno Okazaki Shrine, also known as the “Usagi Shrine,” where the rabbit motif statues and blessed goods are popular!
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Things to do in Japan

30 shrines and temples in Japan to get lucky charms for love

Lucky charms, known as omamori, can be found in both shrines and temples around in Japan, in the shape of small amulet in a small bag. The main aim is to protect you from bad luck and bring you good luck. Originally, paper written amulets were distributed to worshippers by temples and shrines wherever they live or whoever they are. To make it easy, the size of amulets became smaller and more attractive to carry around. Usually, the charm must be kept close in order to keep the power inside, but there are some exceptions. Here’s a list of lucky charms to enrich your love life.
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