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11 Great Locations to Enjoy Wisteria Arbour in Japan

Japanese wisteria mesmerize people by its mysterious beauty and fragrance. Long strings of flowers in various colors are treat for eyes and souls especially when they are witnessed in great locations. Here listed are the popular sites to enjoy tunnels of wisteria for reasonable cost in a town or in a remote area. If you are to come Japan from mid April to early May, why don’t you enjoy wisteria in full bloom?
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12 Nara’s Temples and Shrines Flourishing with Vernal Flowers

Nara, within one hour distance from Kyoto and Osaka by train, is where Japan’s first capital was and is full of temples and shrines with long history. Most of them are located in rural areas or deep in mountains without eye-sores of high-rise buildings but often with beautiful gardens. Why don’t you stretch your leg to give spring colors to your trip?
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Yaeyama Kaito’s Photography of Okinawa [part 3]: Flowers

There are many people who take photos of Okinawa and post it on their blogs. One of them is Yaeyama Kaito, who is a photographer and blogs to introduce Okinawa, mainly the Yaeyama islands. He is actually from Osaka but he fell in love with the beauty of Okinawa and moved there. He hopes his beautiful pictures of the amazingly beautiful islands will make you feel happy and relaxed. Today I’m going to show you his beautiful photos and translate a couple of his posts!
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