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Things to do in Japan

20 Sites to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Japan Except Metropolitan Areas

Hanami or cherry blossom viewing is Japan’s popular events in spring and there are many spots and ways to enjoy it throughout Japan. Here listed are Japan’s great spots except famous sites in Kanto and Kansai regions to enjoy cherry blossoms. Picnic, stroll under flower tunnels, or party under the blooming trees-why don’t you stretch your leg for wonderful experience?
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Japan-limited Starbucks Sakura Series

Did you know that Starbucks customizes their menu to different countries around the world, so there are limited menus? The extremely popular Sakura series is only in Japan, and uses sakura (cherry blossoms) as a motif. Sakura is the flower that symbolizes springtime in Japan, so this series is loaded with the sights and smells of spring. It screams Japan down to the very last detail!
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