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10 Spots for Viewing Autumn Leaves in The Tokyo Area

In Japan there are four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and during each season the landscape changes quite dramatically. Among these, autumn is an extremely beautiful season that’s easy to tide over. Before winter comes, many trees show their autumn leaves and turns the everyday scenery into something wonderful. This time we’re introducing autumn leaf viewing spots in Japan where “just walking around is enjoyable”. We will introduce spots where you can enjoy the autumn leaves both inside and on the outskirts of Tokyo.
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13 Recommended Spots in Japan to Enjoy Yourself This Halloween

Japan is a country that love festivals. It adopts various cultural aspects and events from all over the world and you can enjoy these events in a uniquely Japanese way. This time, we’re introducing Japan’s Halloween events. Japanese Halloween has events like cosplay parades and contests, candy and food that use pumpkins, and entertaining autumn events. As a country that loves anime and cosplay, we will introduce events unique to Japan held in different area. Once you’re in Japan, be sure to make some fun memories.
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20 Recommended spots to take in the autumn foliage all around Japan

Japan’s autumn begins when the foliage begins to show. The verdant foliage of the thousands of trees makes the hearts of Japanese people beat with the quiet beauty of the changing of the seasons. Because of the differences in Japan’s climate, the foliage can last from September to December depending on where you are. However, it changes every year, so if there’s a particular spot you’d like to visit definitely check the foliage forecast or the area’s website while you plan your trip.
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