These Made-in-Japan Mosquito-Repellent Incense Coil Sets Are as Effective as They Are Stylish!

There's no denying it - summer is mosquito season worldwide. This is where the Festa Home Iron Mosquito-Repellent Incense line of products comes in handy. By lighting these up, you can get through summers anywhere in the world, no problem!



They Look Like Regular Home Decorations!

Mosquito-repellent incense is a must-have item to get through Japan's hot and humid summers. While there's nothing wrong with traditionally-shaped mosquito-repellent incense coil sets, why not go for something a bit more stylish?

This set was made to look like a cute mini grill. Try coordinating it with other pink outdoor goods!

If you like to go camping or hiking on the weekends, try the sets shown above! One of them looks like a tent, while the other one is based on a Himalayan skyscape. Both of these sets are not only great at keeping the mosquitoes away, but are also designed to make ash clean-up quick and easy.

And what about this hammock-shaped incense set? It is sure to give any room it's placed in a cool, resort-like feeling! 


You can buy these items here! (Japanese only)

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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