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Accessories hook

1 dollar item: doorknobs

The “artist” who made this accessaries used 1 dollar doorknobs and a driftwood which she found at the seashore.

Gift wrapping

1 dollar item: ribbons, spangles, lamé manicure

This “artist” colored English journals and wrapped the presents with the journals, then decorated them with 1 dollar ribbons, spangles with lamé manicure.

Home sweets party

1 dollar item: plastic plate, paper plate, wooden bar, paper napkin

Do you think it’s just using 1 dollar plastic and paper plates? Actually it’s not. Look at this photo carefully. The plate which chocolate chip scorns inside is actually made of 1 plastic plate turned over and 1 paper plate which is covered flower printed paper napkin. The three cake stands are made of two paper plates in which a wooden bar is pierced. This wooden bar is actually a kitchen paper stand!!

Food container

1 dollar item: container

These are simply food containers, but keeping vegetables like this is a stylish way, isn’t it?

Wall decorations

1 dollar item: wooden photo frame

These “pieces” are made of printed cloth and 1 dollar wooden frame. It’s very easy to make, but you can add your taste fully in this small square. you can use your favorite cloth, but also paper on which your favorite design is printed.

Bracelet for kids

1 dollar item: beads

These shiny and kawaii beads are available at 1 dollar shop. The best idea to make the first accessaries for your kids!!

Pierce stand

1 dollar item: net for flower pot

This original pierce stand is made with wooden photo frame, felt sticker and 1 dollar net which is originally for the bottom of flower pot. You just put the net in the frame and fix it with felt stickers. This is also easy to make.

Kids chair

1 dollar item: plastic chair

These kawaii chairs are 1 dollar plastic chairs decorated with some stickers and color tape. Very easy to make, but quite enough to please your kids 🙂


1 dollar item: koinobori

Do you know Japanese tradition “koinobori”? We have a tradition to let these colorful fish sailing in the sky for the day of “Kodomo no hi” (meaning the day for children). These small koinobori are available at 1 dollar shop during the season.

Koinobori (鯉幟?), meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku (端午の節句?), a traditional calendrical event which is now designated a national holiday; Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi, 子供の日).[1] These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other nonwoven fabric. They are then allowed to flutter in the wind. They are also known as satsuki-nobori (皐幟?).

Children’s Day takes place on May 5, the last day of Golden Week, the largest break for workers and also a week in which businesses usually close for up to 9–10 days. Landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori from April to early May, in honor of sons for a good future and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong.

Halloween costume

1 dollar item: hat, stick, cape, pumpkin decoration

Halloween costume is also available at 1 dollar shop! You can dress up gorgeously with many items, but it costs cheap!

Christmas wreath

1 dollar item: wreath base, wire, decorations

This Christmas wreath is fully made of 1 dollar items. During Christmas season, you can find variety of decorations, ornaments at 1 dollar shop. So the decoration ways are no limitation!!


1 dollar item: silver rack, tin bucket, tin watering can

1 dollar shop is a nice shop for gardening lovers. You can find simple but stylish items such as tin watering can and the silver rack holding tin buckets.

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