[Latest News!] Super Futuristic Fireworks Show in Odaiba on May 26, 2018! Star Island 2018

Last year's Star Island was all the rage, and it's back again this year! This futuristic firework extravaganza is a fusion of fireworks, with A-list artists and performers putting on a spectacular show featuring 3D sound effects, lighting and entertainment. It's not to be missed! Tickets are going fast, so grab one before it's too late!

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Fusion of Fireworks with Cutting-Edge Technology! Star Island 2018

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The futuristic fireworks show, Star Island, was a sell-out event in 2017 with an attendance of 15,000 people, and it's coming back this year on May 26th! Combining traditional Japanese fireworks with the nation's most advanced technology in 3D sound, lighting and entertainment, the show is unparalleled in the world.

How to Best Enjoy Star Island 2018

At the Star Gate, the entrance to Star Island, LED bands are distributed to every guest. This wristband will flash in unison with the fireworks, audio and lighting. While waiting for the main show to begin, you can experience the 3D sounds that resonate throughout the entire venue and enjoy the chill mood created by the performers and artists. There are food stalls and a children's play area as well, so it's bound to be a fun event for the whole family!

Popular Seats Are Already Sold Out!

There will be 6 types of seats available at Star Island 2018. The Bed Seats, Dinner Seats, and Premium Seats - all popular among couples - are already sold out.

This year, there is a new type of seating available: the Group Seats, which are perfect for enjoying the event with your family or group of friends. The Star Seats and Star View Seats are the best seats in the house. They allow guests to view the show at the beach area, which is closest to the stage. There are only a limited number of seats left, so book now!

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Star Island 2018

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