Soup Stock Tokyo: a stylish shop serving organic soup!

Are you hungry? We have a very popular soup shop, “Soup Stock Tokyo” where you can fulfill your hunger with a cup of organic soup!!


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Soup Stock Tokyo 

Soup Stock Tokyo, operated by Smiles Co., Ltd (President: Masamichi Toyama), came out with soups that would trigger comfort and happiness especially in today’s hectic life. Since 1999, we owe ourselves to every customer especially the health-consciou



Standard menu

They have a standard menu which is offered during all seasons.

Seasonable menu

Besides the standard menu, they have seasonal menus too. Here are the seasonal soups during summer: cold soup and summer vegetable curry.

How to order?


If you want to eat only soup, you have three choices for the size of cup. 

They have small size(180cc), regular size(250cc) and large size(350cc) for soup cup.

▼Set menu (with bread)

▼Set menu (with rice)

If you want to order set menu, you have two choices. The first one is “Regular cup set ” (760yen);one cup of soup with bread or rice. In this case, soup will offered in regular size. The second one for the very hungry is “Soup Stock set ”(900yen); 2 cups of soup as you like with bread and rice. In Soup Stock set, each soup will be the small size. (※Prices are now slightly higher as Japanese government increased tax from 1st April 2014.)

▼Curry and rice

Don't miss the occasion where you can try Japanese curry! It's one thing you must try in Japan, as Japanese curry is so tasty. Soup Stock offers a curry set, “Curry and soup set” (1100yen) as well. You can order only curry and rice, but you can add a cup of soup as set menu.



You still need something? At some shops, they offer a dessert menu too.

Recommended soup

Lobster Bisque

The lobster bisque is the most popular soup in Soup Stock Tokyo. You should try this soup.


You can taste the rich flavor of lobster. Even a small cup would fulfill you.

Japanese soup

At Soup Stock Tokyo, you can find Japanese soup too, which is not the typical miso soup you know very well. But often they are offered as seasonal soups. So if you find them, you should try! This is Japanese ginger soup.


This is Japanese cream soup with Sakura-ebi (literaly translated as “Spring shrimp”, Sergia lucens in English) and spring cabbage.

Tasty soup at home


They also have shops and an e-shop where you can buy packets of their soup to enjoy them at home too.

Find your shop!

Soup Stock Tokyo is not found only in Tokyo, but recently more and more shops have opened all over Japan. (Even in Singapore!!) Though the items on the menu are a bit expensive, the soup they offer is really worth to try! So find your shop!→ (The shop map is only in Japanese.)

But English site for Singapore is available here! →

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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