Soleil Hill: The Best Place to Go This Summer for One of Japan's Grandest Giant Sunflower Fields

Japan has some of the best sunflower fields in the world, and Soleil Hill in Kanagawa Prefecture is home to one of them. With around 100,000 sunflowers in full bloom during the summer months of July and August, this hill offers sunny, scenic sights to those who can't travel too far from the capital of Tokyo. Keep reading to find out more about when these sunflowers will bloom in 2019, the seaside park that the hill is contained in, and more!


Things to Do

Frolic in a Field of Sunflowers at Soleil Hill This Summer

Every year in the summer, Nagai Seaside Park in Yokosuka City (Kanagawa Prefecture) is visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists hoping to view its stunning sunflower field. This field is home to approximately 100,000 sunflowers of six varieties planted on 5,000 sq.m. of land.

With six different varieties that all bloom at varying times, it can be difficult to figure out when to attend. This year, the organization in charge of the park has stated that the sunflowers should be in bloom between mid-July and mid-August.

Summer is fast approaching, so if you're still not sure what to put in your summer sightseeing itinerary, do consider seeing this gorgeous sunflower field for yourself! It makes for a brilliant Instagram picture.

Indulge in a Sunflower-Themed Menu at the Park

While you're there, why not indulge in the park's original sunflower-themed menu? It is available only between July 13 and August 31 in 2019, and was designed to help cool you down after a hot day out under the summer sun.

Here are some ideas on what to expect:

If you want to fill your tummy but you can't stand the thought of eating hot food on a summer day, check out the limited-time Hiyashi Chuka (900 yen). This refreshing dish tastes and smells faintly of lemons, and is an incredibly good way to recover energy after a day of exploring the park.

Japan has been experiencing a tapioca drink boom, so it's no wonder that the park organizers have chosen this year to bring out a tapioca drink with the Himawari Tapioca Juice (450 yen). This ice-cold drink has kiwi bits inside and is also topped with pineapple. It's full of vitamins and is sure to perk you right back up!

More on Nagai Seaside Park

This park gets the most visitors in the spring (for nemophilas) and summer, but that doesn't mean it isn't good to visit year round! It has a wealth of activities that anyone can take part in, such as harvesting vegetables, petting kangaroos and rabbits in their petting zoo (some sections require an entrance fee), and so on.

In the summer, visitors can splash away and cool themselves down by wading around in one of the park's six paddling pools. All of them are accessible for free, and many are shallow enough for children to swim in them.

If you're planning an extended stay in Kanagawa and are looking for outdoor activities to do, it might be worth setting up camp on the park's campgrounds. There's also a BBQ area, a place to take a bath, and even an on-site restaurant offering deluxe buffet-style foods!

Feel like visiting this amazing seaside park now? Here are all the details you'll need:

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