Snowshoe Trekking Through Rokugo (Furano, Hokkaido)

The northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido boasts many tourist spots that attract countless visitors every year, including major tourist cities like Sapporo and Hakodate, beautiful hilly areas like Biei and Furano, the Shiretoko World Heritage Site, the skiing paradise of Niseko, and the popular Asahiyama Zoo.

Furano is located in central Hokkaido and often features in Japanese TV shows, commercials, and movies. This tour will take you through Furano’s Rokugo area, which you might recognize as the setting of the smash TV hit Kita no Kuni Kara (From the Northern Country).

What Are Snowshoes?

Snowshoes are special footwear for walking on snow. If you try walking on soft, powdery snow in regular shoes, you’ll quickly sink into the white and find yourself unable to move. But with snowshoes, you can stroll as much as you want through snow-covered hills or forests that are usually inaccessible.

Why not strap on your snowshoes and go for a trek through freshly snow-covered nature scenes!

The Natural Beauty of Furano

Furano in central Hokkaido is a scenic area consisting of vast forests, the Sorachi River, and farms stretching out across gently-sloping hills. During this tour, you’ll stroll through those beautiful sites in snowshoes.

Stroll Through the Splendor of Rokugo’s Nature!

Rokugo has been used as a setting for popular TV shows. The area has a lot to offer, from conifer trees to all sorts of different plants that you can admire to your heart’s content.

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From 5,500 yen