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What is in heel sneakers or wedge sneakers?

The celebrity Isabel Marant created the well-known wedge sneakers.
It’s a pair of sneakers but has heels hidden inside that makes your legs look longer.
It still sneakers, so even with heels it’s super comfy.
You can create lot of different looks from cute to stylish with those very special heels.

Isabel Marant’s sneakers

How about the colors?

You have a lot of different colors.
You can find affordable sneakers that look like Isabel Marant’s one and that are very popular.
All these colors are really hard to choose from but if it’s not that expensive, you can afford to buy yourself a few pairs.

How to pair the wedge sneakers

You can’t go wrong with skinny pants!

Beginners can easily achieve this look.
Wedge sneakers and skinny pants are a perfect match
A dark color pair of sneaker with a skinny pants and a simple jacket for a simple yet super cool look.

Wedge sneakers, skirt and leather

Mix soft and strong fashion pieces.
Wedge sneakers compared to normal sneakers elongate your legs, so they are easy to pair with a short bottom.
Try to mix a skirt with your wedge sneakers without any fear!
To make this outfit not looking too cute, add a strong piece like a leather jacket.

Wedge sneakers with color skinny pants

Pair a simple color wedge sneakers with a color skinny pants to give it a little punch.
Also have fun with the pattern and fabric of your skinny pants!

Wedge sneakers with shorts

This is another essential look.
It will always look super cute.
Your legs will look super long so don’t be afraid to show them!

Wedge sneakers with comfy clothing pieces.

The wedge sneakers can be paired also with a long skirt. This soft material of the chiffon skirt looks really cute in this look.
Pair it also with a boyfriend jean for a super casual and comfy look.

Difference between a normal pair of sneakers and wedge sneakers.

The in heel sneakers give you such long legs that we call them the “beautiful legs sneakers”.
Look at the difference between a pair of wedge and a pair of flat sneakers!

Fashionable moms love the wedge sneakers!

Mothers have to take their child in their arms, run after them… Even if they want to be fashionable they can’t wear heels.
For those mothers, there is the famous wedge sneakers!
They are very easy to walk in and give you beautiful legs. It’s a must have item!

Where to buy it at a small price on the internet.

You want it but you don’t want to pay for the expensive ones.
You want different colors and designs.
Those websites have what you’re looking for.


You can also find online stores that have patterned wedges. From simple wedges to more stylish ones, you won’t know which one to choose.


They have a large category of simple wedges in this shop. The prices are so small that you won’t even believe it.
You absolutely have to purchase at least 2 pairs!!!

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