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1. Kaki no tane

Kaki no tane is a soy flavored salty rice crisp snack. A lot of those are also spicy.

Kaki Pi (Kaki no tane and peanuts)

The mix of peanuts and Kaki no tane is also very popular.

Wasabi flavor

It’s a Japanese spicy condiment, the wasabi. Wasabi flavored Kaki no tane is aslo available.

What is wasabi?

Wasabi is a sort of plant that is grated like in this picture and eaten with sushi or sashimi. If you have ever eaten sushi, you might have felt a stimulation in your nose. It was due to the wasabi placed just between the fish and the rice!

In supermarkets and convenience stores

You can easily find and buy Kaki no tane at Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores.

2. Edamame

Next, there is the edamame which is soybean in the pod boiled and serve with salt. It super simple but it’s perfect with a beer. Once you’ve start eating it, you can’t stop anymore. It’s a very popular menu in the izakaya.

What is edamame?

Edamame is a soybean that is picked when it’s still immature.

In convenience stores and supermarkets!

You don’t have to boil the Edamame when you can buy it already boiled but frozen in combini and supermarkets. It already has some salt on it. On this picture, some frozen edamame of a big convenience store chain, the Seven Eleven. Here you have to microwave it. But other can be thawing out naturally or some other can be boiled.

3. Tori no karaage (fried chicken)

And finally, the Japanese fried chicken! It’s some chicken with soy sauce and other Japanese condiment, that are fried.It’s really good with rice but it’s even better with a beer. It’s one Japanese men’s favorite food.

In convenience stores!

No need to cook Karaage! Frying food can be really annoying to make. Especially when it comes to cleaning up the mess after. In Japanese convenience stores, just right next to the cashier, you will find a large choice of hot snacks. In general, you will find some hot chicken karaage too!

Almost ever convenience stores has its original Tori no Karaage.

In Japan, each convenience store has its own flavors. In this picture, famous convenience store chain, Lawson’s Karaage-kun, very popular since a long time ago. They have a lot of flavors such as cheese, plain, spicy etc.

There’s also instant Karaage!

Frozen Karaage available in the supermarkets and convenience stores too.

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