Top Things to Do at MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA

Located in Yokohama, the port city just south of Tokyo, the Minato Mirai neighborhood attracts flocks of tourists for its modern streetscapes that make the most of its waterfront location. A lesser-known spot in this district is the MARINE & WALK shopping center, a delightful outdoor shopping mall set apart by its red-brick design. We've picked out a few locations you should check out if you ever swing by!


Things to Do

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A Sleek, Modern Neighborhood by the Sea

The Yokohama Minato Mirai area is a harborside neighborhood and the city's downtown area. A renovated industrial area from the 1980s, the neighborhood is sandwiched between Yokohama Station and the famous Yokohama Chinatown. It features numerous gleaming skyscrapers as well as tourist destinations like the Red Brick Warehouse (now a market with boutiques and hipster vibes) and the Cosmoworld amusement park. The district, surrounded by waterways so that it seems to float on the sea, also features numerous outdoor spaces.

It was here that the MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA shopping center first opened in March 2016. This beautifully-designed mall has a delightful red-brick exterior, just like the nearby warehouse. Shops line both sides of a central walkway so that visitors can leisurely stroll along its length. Read on for a few of our pointers on places to eat and things you should look out for while you're in the area!

Recommended Restaurants

There are many restaurants in MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA, but we've pulled out two in particular that are especially intriguing.

Pie Holic: A Pie Specialty Shop from the US

Pie Holic, a brand originating from California, opened its first Japanese store here in Yokohama. Well covered by the Japanese media, this specialty pie shop offers more than 20 flavors for customers to choose from, including savory pies for meals and sweet pies for dessert. This cafe has gained popularity for its affordable prices and delicious food.

The basic set lunch, served from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, is excellent value for money, as it includes a salad or soup, a main dish, and all-you-can eat pies. Keep in mind that the meal time is limited to 90 minutes.

Aside from the chicken pot pie full of toppings, there are also many savory pies stuffed with whitebait or other Kanagawa specialities. For an extra cost, you can upgrade to apple pies, Dutch apple pies, and other sweet pies. When the weather is nice, sit in the open-air area for a leisurely meal!

A16 YOKOHAMA: A Southern Italian Restaurant from San Francisco

A16 is a celebrated Italian restaurant from California's Bay Area serving Southern Italian cuisine made with fresh meat and seafood.

There are about 100 seats in the restaurant, whose high ceilings create a sense of openness. Customers can also enjoy the beautiful sea view and stunning night view from the open-air seats. The romantic atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for dates, while the comfortable environment is ideal for parents dining with their children.

Among the wide variety of dishes offered by the restaurant, the pizza lunch set costing 1,780 yen is the special recommendation. In addition to three appetizers of the day and drinks, you can also choose from six kinds of kiln-made pizza.

Very Instagrammable: The First "Angel Wings" in Japan

Angel wings symbolize love and peace, and it is said that taking photos with them will bring blessings. Influencers and celebrities are often seen posing in front of the iconic pattern on Instagram, hence its popularity among youngsters nowadays.

MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA is Japan’s first spot in the oficial angel wings project and features three murals by famous artists, including Colette Miller, who began the angel wings project.

The one located at the front entrance near the Red Brick Warehouse is a popular photo spot with never-ending lines, so it may take a little patience to snap a beautiful picture with the angel wings! Another pair of wings with a different style is near Pie Holic. Try to find the last one yourself if you have the chance!


The best way to get to MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA is to walk from Sakuragicho Station, although you can also come by bus or car. Although the 15-minute walk may seem a little too far for some, there are many famous Yokohama sightseeing spots along the way, so it could be a good idea to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery while heading here.

By train


- Around a 9-minute walk from Bashamichi Station Exit 6 or Nihon-Odori Station;
- Around a 12-minute walk from Minatomirai Station; or
- Around a 15-minute walk from Sakuragicho Station via the Kishamichi Promenade

By bus

Take the city loop bus Akai Kutsu from Sakuragicho Station to Akarenga Soko (Red Brick Warehouse). Fares: Adults 220 yen, Children 110 yen (cash only; operates daily)

You can also take Yokohama Municipal Bus Route 270 from Yokohama Station to Akarenga Soko (operates on weekends and holidays only). Fare: Adults 220 yen, Children 110 yen

By private car

Take the Shuto Expressway and get off at the Minatomirai or Yokohama Koen exit.

A Cute Attraction Hidden Away on the Waterfront

In addition to the aforementioned restaurants and photo spots, there are also many unique clothing and gift stores at MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA. Tourist attractions such as the Red Brick Warehouse and Cup Noodles Museum are also located nearby. Spend a relaxing afternoon feeling the cool sea breeze while taking pictures, shopping, and dining here!

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