An Extensive Line-up of Parfaits! Shiseido Parlour Salon de Café Opens in Kawasaki!

The well-established dessert shop in Ginza that's operated by Shiseido, Shiseido Parlour, opened Shiseido Parlour Salon de Café at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza on May 28, 2018! They have around 10 different types of parfaits, including the signature parfaits of Shiseido Parlour, a Seasonal Parfait that features seasonal fruits, and even a Kids Parfait. Located in an area that’s easy to access from Tokyo or Shinagawa and facing the plaza that’s directly linked to Kawasaki Station, this is a place that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you are a dessert lover!


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Shiseido Parlour Salon de Café Opens in Kawasaki!

The long-established dessert shop in Ginza - Shiseido Parlour - that's operated by the cosmetics manufacturer, Shiseido, opened Shiseido Parlour Salon de Café at Mitsui Shopping Park's Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, which is linked directly to Kawasaki Station, on May 28, 2018!

There are around 10 different types of colorful and delicious-looking parfaits offered here, such as the Strawberry Parfait - Shiseido Parlour's top-seller; Seasonal Parfait, which features in-season fruits; and the cute Kids Parfait for children. You'll be so spoilt for choice that you will have a hard time deciding what to order!

Facing the multi-purpose square linked to Kawasaki Station, this parlour is easily accessible and very convenient to visit. If you are a dessert lover, this is a place not to be missed!

There is an extensive collection of parfaits here, which you probably won't be able to bear to eat because they look so beautiful and cute! These include Shiseido Parlour's top-seller, the Strawberry Parfait (1,512 yen); the seasonal and limited edition Parfait of Musk Melon from Shizuoka (1,728 yen); and the Kids Parfait (864 yen) that's perfect for children!

Other Recommended Items on the Menu!

Besides parfaits, there are other offerings, such as French Toast (1,512 yen), Fruit Sandwich (1,350 yen), and the Lunch Set (2,160 yen).

From May 28 (Mon), 2018 until June 30 (Sat), 2018, visitors will be able to enjoy the Opening Commemorative One Plate Lunch (2,376 yen) between 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Shiseido Parlour Salon de Café Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Branch

Shiseido Parlour's longtime best-selling Western sweets, such as their Camellia Flower Biscuits (2,160 yen) and 6-Piece Cheesecake (1,836 yen) are available here in beautiful packaging, making them ideal as souvenirs!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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