Find the Perfect Christmas Souvenir for Beauty Lovers at Shiseido Parlour Ginza

Shiseido is one of the world's oldest cosmetics companies, and the name is synonymous around the world with Japanese elegance. First opened in 1902 with Japan's first soda fountain, and with a long history as a cultural and gastronomic center, the flagship Shiseido Parlour in Ginza has been recently reopened after extensive renovations. With Ginza-exclusive sweets and a range of of elegant Christmas items available in the first floor retail space, this is an ideal souvenir spot for anyone visiting Tokyo.



About Shiseido Parlour Ginza

Shiseido Parlour, housed in the iconic Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, was reopened after renovations on November 1st, 2019. Shiseido itself was founded in Ginza in 1872, so this renovated flagship building reflects the company's roots in the area.

The re-imagined interior design was based around the image of a large tree, reflecting the origin of Shiseido's company name: "manbutsu-shisei", or "all things are born from the earth". You'll find a Shiseido Parlour boutique on the first floor, as well as cafes, restaurants, salons, and more on the second to eleventh floors.

Souvenirs from Shiseido Parlour

This evolution of the flagship Shiseido Parlour building includes an exclusive range of sweets such as fresh cakes and chocolates. The packaging of these exclusive goods was designed by graphic designer Masayoshi Nakajo, who has been working with Shiseido since 1956. With a chic, striking houndstooth design, these elegant and eye-catching sweets would make perfect Tokyo souvenirs.

Camellia Chocolat

Adorned with Shiseido's symbol, the camellia flower, these Camellia Chocolat (270 yen) bonbon chocolates come in ten varieties, all with their own unique flavors. You can make your selection by the piece and have them presented in stylish five or ten-piece gift boxes.

Classics like coffee or vanilla as well as some more unique types like a pearlescent champagne flavor and glossy pink sweet berry tea flavor are available to choose from. In December 2019, two limited edition flavors, yuzu and strawberry, will be available as well.

Shiseido Parlour Cakes

Beautifully presented in Shiseido Parlour's new houndstooth design boxes, these cakes will delight anyone lucky enough to receive one.

A number of varieties are available to choose from, including the Classic Fruit Cake (4,320 yen), which is made with a carefully-selected assortment of dried fruits and sugar-preserved orange and lemon peels fermented with European liquors. The Classic Matcha & Marron Cake (7,560 yen) puts a classically Japanese spin on the traditional pound cake with green tea, chestnut paste, Hokkaido-produced butter and flour, and fine wansanbon sugar from Tokushima. Finished with brandy produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido, this cake uses quality Japanese ingredients to create a unique Tokyo souvenir.

Christmas with Shiseido Parlour

Shiseido Parlour has a range of limited edition sweets for Christmas. Here's some of the lineup available for Christmas 2019!

Christmas Sweets 12-Piece Tin

The 12-piece Shiseido Parlour Christmas Sweets (1,598 yen) are an ideal gift for kids and adults alike. Four pieces of each flavor—milk, strawberry, and a spiced white chocolate spéculoos biscuit flavor—are presented in a festive keepsake tin. If you're looking for a Christmas gift that won't arrive home crushed in your suitcase, this is ideal!

Gateaux Noel

While fruit cakes and puddings are common in the West for Christmas, in Japan, Christmas cake reigns supreme. Commonly made with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, the bright colors and gorgeous decoration help bring the Christmas spirit alive. If you're spending Christmas in Tokyo, don't miss a chance to try this tradition for yourself!

With ripe red strawberries and Shiseido Parlour's signature fluffy whipped cream piped in frills, this is a classic Japanese Christmas shortcake with an elegant twist. The marriage of fresh strawberries, subtly-sweet cream, and fine sponge cake makes the ideal finishing touch to any Christmas dinner. It costs 6,804 yen.

Gateau Noel Huit

This festive octagonal cake designed in the image of a Christmas present is made with rich chocolate cake with a vanilla and caramel flavored chocolate mousse. A festive chocolate bow and decorative apple tea flavored chocolate mousse accent bring it all together for a luxurious dessert that will please any and all chocolate lovers! It costs 6,993 yen.

Christmas Stollen

For a European touch, try the Shiseido Parlour Christmas Stollen (2,592 yen). Traditionally eaten during the Advent period before Christmas in Germany, this cake is made with spiced almond sourdough and a luxurious mix of macerated fruits including lemon, orange, apple, and pineapple. 

How to Visit the New Shiseido Parlour Ginza

Shiseido Parlour has been a site of culinary innovation since it first opened selling soda and ice cream in 1902. The newly redesigned cafe, which offers a range of elegant parfaits and drinks, and the restaurant serving the Western-style cuisine the Ginza area is famous for, are both ideal places to experience classical Tokyo elegance. For more information about dining at Shiseido Parlour and the building's history, please see the official site below! 

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