Bubbles Enhance Absorption! Shiseido's Elixir Releases a New Beauty Essence With Carbonic Acid

One of Shiseido's skincare lines, Elixir, will be releasing a booster serum called "Elixir Superieur Booster Essence" on July 21 (Sat), 2018! The effectiveness of your toner and lotion will be enhanced when adding it to your daily skincare routine, thanks to the power of its bubbles, which contain carbonic acid.



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Shiseido Releases a New Beauty Essence With Carbonic Acid!

Shiseido's high-performance anti-aging skincare brand, Elixir, will be releasing its new booster serum - the Elixir Superieur Booster Essence - on July 21 (Sat), 2018.

The carbonated water used in the essence permeates deep into the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin) and fills it with moisture, allowing your usual products - such as toner and moisturizer - to be absorbed more effectively.

The sensation created by the popping bubbles and the light citrus fragrance will leave you feeling refreshed. In the upcoming summer season, where you have to battle dryness from air-conditioned rooms and the sun, this product will enhance your regular skincare routine and allow you to enjoy its hydrating effect.

This will be available for purchase nationwide at drugstores, general stores, cosmetics stores, and Shiseido's general beauty website, Watashi+.


Elixir Brand Website (Japanese only)


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