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At MOS, the “Fine Burger” thing is no exaggeration!

photo by Gilgongo on Flickr

I’m not a huge fast food fan, which may be one of the reasons I enjoy living in Japan. that said, I usually make a beeline for this place whenever I see it! MOS Burger is sort of like McDonald’s, Japan-style—only it tastes good. 😉 After we look over the menu, you can decide for yourself! 

Rice Burger 

So, what exactly makes this chain so Japanese? For starters, there’s the oldie but goody, the rice burger! You can get shrimp, seafood mix, or even tofu (I think) between two delectable rice patties. The burgers are packed thick, which explains the need for a little napkin-holder thingy.

These burgers may be delicious…

photo by atlai on Flickr 

…but they’re also messy! That’s why you get a special napkin to go with it!

photo by LWYang on Flickr


Wasabi Burger (with BEER?!)

This may look like an ordinary burger, but underneath you’ll find ‘wasabi,’ the for-everything Japanese spice that continues to take everyone’s noses by storm a few seconds after they eat it. If the spicy attack proves to be too much for you, just wash it down with a beer—try doing THAT at Mickey D’s!

photo by kalleboo on Flickr


MOS Burger + Pizza

MOS Burger isn’t content to be just any stand-alone burger joint—they frequently collaborate with other companies to create even tastier fast-food culinary delights. Here’s an example of one of their tamer ventures with a well-known pizza franchise called Pizza-La. Well I say, “Ooh-la-la!”

This equals a nice Friday night!

photo  by Ari Helminen on Flickr

Let’s get closer to the deliciousness!

photo  by Ari Helminen on Flickr

MOS Burger + Doughnuts

Then there are the weirder ideas that still somehow work! This is a collaboration between MOS and Mister Donuts, known to the locals as “Misdo.” Put it all together and what do you get? “MOSDO!” You probably guessed that. 😉 While some “burgers” in this series are really just two doughnuts smashed together with cream in between, others sell the concept a bit better. Good ideas or not, gotta wonder how it all actually tastes. “Try everything once, and the fun things twice,” I always say. 

C’mon, gimme a MOSDO sign

photo by kalleboo on Flickr

Cake-as-a-sandwich, got it? 

photo by kalleboo on Flickr

A sausage burger with all the trimmings, nix the bread patties for doughnut-ohs!

photo by kalleboo on Flickr


The Little Things

MOS is more than just exotic burgers and weird combinations—inside you’ll find those little, kawaii details that the Japanese are famous for! These character cups, which I’m guessing are different according to the drink, are almost worth taking home.

Cute, aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnd….

photo by lemonfilmblog on Flickr

…Double cute! 

photo by itchys on Flickr

A place you can MOS definitely relax

photo  by chinnian on Flickr

Speaking of details, if the garish interiors of most fast-food places back home make you want to refuse your order, have no fear: With their toned-down color schemes and sometimes niggling attention to things like interior design, Many MOS Burgers are actually great places to relax. 

Is there anything they DON’T have?

photo  by PhoTones_TAKUMA on Flickr

Wikipedia says that “MOS” stands for Mountain, Ocean Sun–A pretty tall order for a burger chain. They may be overreaching a bit with the name, but there’s no denying that they do seem to have something for everybody, including chili dogs! So dig in—but mind the wasabi. 



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