[Osaka/Tenjinbashi] Samurai Café Theater Plan

The heart of traditional Japanese culture is in the Kansai region!
"SUPER☆Japanese-Style Entertainment" is a lively, impassioned Japanese cultural experience.

This is your opportunity to have a firsthand experience of an unprecedented form of entertainment.
The samurai café has repeatedly swept away its audiences with thrills and laughter.
The show brings serious sword-fighting, and a Japanese-style dance with a touch of sexiness, up to 10 cm away from the seats.
Many executives from the entertainment industry have raved about the show, reflecting how "it's not something you can put into words," and you have to physically experience the full breadth of the excitement to truly understand it.
The contents of the performance are a mystery not only for the audience, but for the performers, each and every day.
As a member of the audience, you will determine the course of the performance!

The Ultimate Participatory Historical Period Drama

You’re not just a spectator! This is an audience-driven performance!

Basic Information


From 5,000 yen