Sakura are not only for viewing, but also for eating.

There are many sweets made with Sakura in spring. Let's feel spring by learning about beautiful sakura sweets.


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Speaking of spring in Japan, everyone will first imagine Sakura, or cherry blossoms.
Sakura is the symbol of Japanese spring and many people enjoy watching them.
There are many sakura trees all over Japan and seeing them in full bloom is breathtaking.
Those beautiful, beloved, Sakura are a great motif in sweets too.
There are many sweets made with Sakura or using Sakura as a spring motif.
They are not only delicious but also look delicate and beautiful.

These make great gifts in spring time!


The common Tokyo gift "Hiyoko" has a limited sakura version in spring. The delicate flavor of Sakura makes for an elegant treat. Every year there are many fans waiting for this in spring.

SAKURA chocolate

These sakura chocolates are on sale for a limited time as a White Day gift.
The package is decorated with a design of sakura petals blown by the wind. The company, WA-BI-SA, tries to mix Japanese traditions into western pastry techniques.

SAKURA Mont-blanc roll cake

Kagutsudo's roll cake is very popular on the Rakuten internet shopping site. They make beautiful Sakura mont-blanc roll cake in spring.
SAKURA is mixed in to the batter, giving a slight taste when eaten.

Flower blooming rice crackers

These rice crackers must be perfect for when we go sakura watching.

SAKURA Macaron

These Sakura macaron are enjoyable just to look at.
It is easy to find sakura flavored macarons, or even ones with a cute sakura print on it. Much rare are these macaron that are actually shaped like sakura.
They must be a great gift for any women or men who like cute things.

SAKURA "hitohira"


This is another popular Tokyo gift, "SAKURA hitohira". Very thin sakura flavored cookies with white chocolate in the middle. What a nice combination!

You can buy SAKURA sweets at convenience store near by.

Haagen-Dazs, SAKURA

This sakura flavored Haagen-Dazs was made as a 30 year memorial of Haagen-Dazs in Japan. You can buy this at many convenience stores all across Japan, so it is easy to try.

SAKURA flavored strawberry cake/ Familymart

Family Mart has a spring collaboration with the vocaloid Hatsune Miku. This is one of the sweets that has resulted- Sakura flavored strawberry cake. Even if you are not a Hatsune Miku fan it is worth trying.

Kocha Kaden -melty sakura-

From the popular plastic bottled tea series, "Kocha Kaden" comes a sakura flavored Royal Milk Tea. This has been very popular among women this year.

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