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zawamon wine-koji

Loc Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Have an impressive moment with the marriage of the ingredients and wine.

[5 minutes walk from Kanazawa Station] We catch the best moment of the ingredients and express it on each plate. We use meat, seafood, and vegetables from Hokuriku. Although we also serve a-la-carte dishes, our courses are highly recommended. Also enjoy a wide variety of Japanese alcohol including 10 kinds of glass wines, about 100 kinds of bottle wines, local sake, and Japanese whiskeys. Enjoy paring carefully-selected local ingredients from Hokuriku with Japanese alcohol such as wine and sake, including the local ones.

2-2-11, Hon-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 
Japanese / Japanese style beef steak , Japanese / Oyster , Alcohol / Wine
Dinner: 3000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Sunday

Zenkai Kosho

Loc Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Authentic Chinese cuisine using selected seasonal ingredients from Kanazawa.

Zenkai Kosho, located a 3 minutes walk from the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, serves uniquely arranged Canton-style Chinese cuisine. Recommended are [Kobakogani (female crab) & Shark Fin Soup] with quality seafood flavor and popular [Addictive Mapo Dofu made in an earthenware pot] attracting guests in and out of Ishikawa. Experience the exquisite delicacies we pride ourselves on with Kaga vegetables produced in Kanazawa and fresh seafood from Hokuriku. Inside the restaurant we offer counter seating where we can respond to your requests directly. The second floor is spacious and features a comfortable atmosphere, which is great for banquets and dinner parties. When you come to dine with us you will find a wide range of settings to relax.

5-7, Kakinoki Batake, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
Chinese / General , Chinese / Gyoza (dumplings) , Chinese / Chinese Sosaku (creative)
Lunch: 1000 JPY Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Monday

Agu Tonkatsu Coshon

Loc Naha, Okinawa

This restaurant is specialized in crispy and juicy pork cutlet, using Agu Pork with a rich savory taste. 

[Agu Tonkatsu Coshon] is approximately 3 minutes walk from Kencho Station on Okinawa Urban Monorail Line [Yui Rail]. We specialize in crispy and juicy pork cutlet using savory Agu Pork. Our most recommended menus are fillet cutlet and loin cutlet. Fillet cutlet has a tender texture with less fat with a refreshing flavor. Loin cutlet has a juicy and sweet taste. The inside of the restaurant has a warm and relaxing atmosphere with wooden furniture and a mild color tone. Relax and enjoy your meal with spacious seating in an open atmosphere. 

1F, Y'S Bldg., 1-2-1 Kumoji, Naha city, Okinawa
Japanese / Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)
Dinner: 1300 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Antiqua Trattoria Trattoria

Loc Harajuku/Omotesando, Tokyo

Sicilian short pasta Casarecce with sardine and fennel. Enjoy this and other Sicilian specialities in our spacious, relaxed restaurant.

This dish is also a signature menu from the Sicilian restaurant "Don Cicco". Rough-cut sardine, anchovy and pine nut are added into stir-fried onion and fennel. This pasta is a basic dish from Sicilian cuisine, that is well known for using fresh seafood from the Mediterranean. At this restaurant, fresh seafood sent directly from Numazu and Hakodate is generously used, mainly Kajiki maguro (marlin), another famous ingredient for Sicilian cuisine. We respond to any request from customers, if we have the necessary ingredients. We believe we can be a restaurant that responds to any tricky requests from customers. Although the main branch "Don Cicco" is well know as a vibrant trattoria having a free-spirited nature, this restaurant is spacious and has a relaxed atmosphere with large floor space. You can dine in a homely atmosphere, similar to the one of "Don Cicco".

Minami Aoyama Compound 1F, 2-18-20 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Western / Italian , Western / Mediterranean , Alcohol / Wine
Lunch: 1300 JPY Dinner: 6000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

a nu retrouvez-vous

Loc Shibuya, Tokyo

Get your fill of the magnificent taste our ingredients have to offer. Relax and "be yourself "in the calm atmosphere of our restaurant.

We try not to focus on just one special plate. Classic styles may be used at some point during the course menu, but our style is all about getting the most out of the ingredients, in the minimalist way. We maintain great relationships with producers across the country - Oshima Farm and Okamoto Pig Farm in Nagano make vegetables and Chiyogenton (a pork so delicious it is referred to as the "dream pork") respectively, and Oshima Sendanmaru in Yamaguchi provides us with fish. The same ingredient may be produced through two different methods depending on the producer, and we try to convey that uniqueness to our customers as well. You may find out that even ingredients used in every day life, at home, can be arranged in a surprisingly different style. We also like to introduce the various top-grade ingredients that are typically not known. We provide an environment that is upscale, yet relaxing. "A nu" means 'as is' in French, and we want our customers to be 'as is,' or 'themselves,' while we strive to provide qua

SR Hiroo Bldg. 1F, 5-19-4 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Western / French
Lunch: 5000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Mondays


Loc Kagurazaka, Tokyo

The ultimate French cuisine created by splendid techniques using Japanese seasonal ingredients, in a gourmet space like a gorgeous ship floating in the sky.

Our French restaurant is directly operated by Tojo Kaikan, a photo studio which was established in the Meiji period. Like the name [ARGO], which is the name of a huge ship appears in Greek mythology, our wide and luxurious space resembles a luxury liner. You can enjoy the greenery view of the Imperial Palace in the daytime, and city night view in the evening. In such ultimate space, you can enjoy neo classic French cuisine using Japanese seasonal ingredients. Chef Tasaka, who has been actively working at various renowned restaurants, creates surprising and satisfying dishes by fusing his authentic French techniques with his own sense. We serve only courses for both lunch and dinner. A dinner course, [Dégustation], is presented dramatically with joy and surprises. This renowned restaurant also serves as many as 500 brands of wine as well. Please dress up and visit us for special occasions such as entertaining your clients, business meals, anniversaries, and auspicious events. 

1-12, Koji-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Western / French , Alcohol / Wine
Lunch: 5000 JPY Dinner: 10000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Wednesday

Aroma Fresca

Loc Ginza/Yurakucho/Tsukiji, Tokyo

Elegant Italian dining, the perfect option for a romantic date.

Since opening, this conger-eel dish has been our specialty. Our steamed conger eel with herbs combines perfectly with the aroma and sourness of the fresh tomatoes and the flavor of the Japanese pepper. Feast on the aroma from the moment the dish arrives at your table. Although we don't usually advertise where our ingredients are from, one thing we do take much care with is our roast beef. The restaurant uses female A4-rank beef with good marbling. We select the quality of the marbling, and bring in the meat 20 days before its aging process. We make sure the food comes out in its best condition, at the right time. The kitchen communicates with the servers in order to serve the food at the right temperature, flavor, and scent. For the customers to fully enjoy our seasonal ingredients with all their senses, the restaurant has adjusted the heights of tables, chairs, and even the plates in order to bring out the scent of the food the most. The restaurant's luxurious atmosphere befits a romantic date.

Ginza Trecious 12F, 2-6-5 Ginza , Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Western / Italian
Dinner: 20000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Arroceria Sal y Amor

Loc Shibuya, Tokyo

Regional specialties of Spain with Spanish-sized portions to share amongst your friends

Our seafood soup is a regional dish from Spain's Murcia region, featuring rice cooked in a traditional iron pot. This deliciously simple dish uses shrimp, melted slowly into the rice, as its sole ingredient. The combination of the seafood and noras (dried peppers) gives it a unique aroma and flavor. Out of all our Spain-produced ingredients, such as garlic and spices, we're very particular about the noras. This exclusive ingredient consists of dried Murcia-grown peppers, which are fried and ground. The powder is then dissolved into the soup-broth, giving it a truly unique flavor. We strive to offer our guests a warm welcome, and provide them with a setting in which they can feel truly at ease as they discover the many charms of Spanish cuisine. Using specialist words or terminology can intimidate the customer, which is why we always try to explain our dishes using straightforward, easy-to-understand language. Spanish "Arrocerias" are quite similar to ordinary restaurants, but offer a more relaxed, bustlin

Third Yokoshiba Building B1F, Daikanyama-cho, 12-19, Shibuya, Tokyo
Western / Western home-style , Western / Spanish , Alcohol / Wine
Dinner: 5500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Mondays

Asakusa Kitchen Omiya Nagoya Buidling Branch

Loc Nagoya, Aichi

Savor the taste of a long established western cuisine restaurant (Restaurant Omiya) born in Asakusa, Tokyo in Nagoya

You can now enjoy in Nagoya the flavor of Restaurant Omiya, a western cuisine restaurant that has been loved for over 30 years in Asakusa, Tokyo.You can casually enjoy the carefully planned western dishes of a Chef Katsuo Omiya, who is a familiar figure on television and magazines.A slightly bitter based sauce with the sweetness coming from vegetables and flavor from the meat, is a demiglace sauce that has been carefully developed by a Chef which has now become his trademark.Please try the hamburg steak and hashed beef with the demiglace sauce carefully developed by a chef. Pure White Omelette Rice is an all white dish using white yolked eggs, sauce and rice.The omelette rice comes in three flavors, demiglace sauce, white cream or tomato Napoli sauce.

B1, 3-28-12 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Western / General
Lunch: 1200 JPY Dinner: 2000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Asakusa Sushi Ken

Loc Asakusa/Ryogoku, Tokyo

Enjoy exquisite sushi, different themes of sushi, and more at our beautiful and spacious counter or at a table

Five servings of three different nigiri (vinegared rice cakes topped with raw fish) prepared with differing themes: salt, light, red, plum, and savory. Grilled and fried dishes are available between the nigiri dishes. Such is the ultimate course for tasting the restaurant's most exquisite flavors. Seafood is all about freshness. It's important that the ingredients be purchased daily. Depending on the season, the restaurant serves southern bluefin tuna or pacific blue tuna. The tuna is excellent either grilled or pickled. Please enjoy the quality tuna prepared by careful and skillful hands. The staff work hard everyday to ensure that customers enjoy their time at the restaurant. The chefs prepare different food for various occasions. Customers can ask for dishes not on the menu. The best way to enjoy sushi is to eat at the counter seat. There are 4 to 5 skillful and friendly chefs at the counter and they are always available for conversation. The chefs will ask the customers what kind of seasonal ingredients t

Pine Royal Building 1F, Asakusa 2-11-4, Taito, Tokyo
Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood , Japanese / Sushi , Japanese / Japanese Sosaku (creative)
Lunch: 1300 JPY Dinner: 5000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Shibuya, Tokyo

Enjoy tasty French cuisine including our specialty "Corn Mousse with Fresh Sea Urchin Royale" in a casual atmosphere

After three weeks of bad weather and after dire catches had depleted fish stocks, we suddenly needed to feed 40 people. The result was our specialty of "Corn Mousse with Fresh Sea Urchin Royale." The two blend well together, creating a smooth, rich taste. Friends of the chef rear cattle in Hokkaido. Our staff go out to these farms to train and learn about livestock on the ranch. They also get to know the importance of life, aiming to create dishes that show our gratitude for the lives of the animals. We think a good chef is someone who can take a customer's needs into consideration and respond to whatever their expectations might be. We like to offer food that doesn't push our own tastes on the customer, but we rather figure out what works for each of them. Here at the restaurant we offer French food in a casual atmosphere that isn't strict or formal. Adults looking for an unobtrusive place to eat can come here and enjoy a great conversation over food and wine without any reserve.

COMS SHIROKANE 2F, 5-5-10 shirogane , Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japanese / Teppanyaki (grilled foods) , Western / French , Alcohol / Wine
Dinner: 11000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Azabu Juban Romantei

Loc Roppongi, Tokyo

Our open kitchen lets you watch the chef entertaining while he cooks the freshest meat and vegetables

We use the best heifer of the day from the established butcher "Yoshizawa Shoten" in Ginza. The chef brings out the best taste while entertaining the customer with cooking techniques and tricks like flambe over the counter. In teppanyaki (iron griddle) cuisine, the tastes of ingredients are condensed to be served in the best condition to the customer. In this cuisine, the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves is most important. We use only seasonal and fresh materials and the best beef with moderate fat. We cook in an open kitchen and customers are at the counter table in front of us. Because we are physically close to the customers, we try to talk to them to discover their preference so that they can request their favorite seasoning. We have five different spaces with different characteristics to suit all generations, families, or couples. We have a good reputation from female customers about the shop atmosphere.

New Takao Heights 2F, 1-5-13 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japanese / Okonomiyaki (vegie/meat pancakes) , Japanese / Teppanyaki (grilled foods) , Alcohol / Wine
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Yokohama, Kanagawa

Hand-made dim sum - try them all in our relaxing restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of Shin-Yokohama!

A dim sum specialist makes the dim sum in the shop by hand. They start at 350 yen. The appeal of dim sum is in trying out the many types. Please enjoy these authentic flavors. The entire Peking Duck is 3,800 yen. We cut the skin at the table, so you can choose how thick you want it. We are often asked, "What about the remaining meat " For an extra fee, we can use it to make a Szechuan style stir fry. The shop is large enough to hold a party of several hundred people. Enjoy a comfortable meal in a space normally divided into single rooms. Our philospophy - "We want everyone in Japan to be satisfied and return to the shop." With our reasonable pricing and no service fee, escape the hustle and bustle of Shin-Yokohama and enjoy a leisurely meal. Weekday lunches include a drink bar and almond jelly and start at 900 yen. On weekends you can also enjoy the drink and Chinese dessert bar.

Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel B1F , 3-4 Shin Yokohama , Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Chinese / General , Chinese / Yum Cha/Dim Sum , Chinese / Cantonese
Lunch: 1200 JPY Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Sundays

Bar Crib

Loc Naha, Okinawa

Hip-hop and R&B music bar, where the live DJ creates a fun space to hang out with friends.

The staff double as DJs, MCs, and dancers at Bar Crib, and a sense of unity emerges as the DJ guides and shapes the room's feeling through the music. Customers and staff alike will find themselves swept up in fun at this music bar! The continually changing events shift depending on the season and feature many guests, another draw here. At Bar Crib, the interior walls are green, and the music-themed furnishings add to the stylish atmosphere. This green design scheme is inspired by the colors of the New York beer, Brooklyn Lager, and the relaxing atmosphere will make you feel like you've been invited into the home of DJ and owner Maeda. "Crib" is certainly an apt name for this spot where music lovers come together to hang out.

4F, Taei Bldg., 1-1-60, Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Alcohol / Beer , Alcohol / Cocktail , Alcohol / Sawa (cocktail of spirits and soda)
Dinner: 2700 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Sunday

Barliminal Roppongi

Loc Roppongi, Tokyo

Enjoy another world created by the new art, full projection mapping, as this restaurant is a hot topic among media and magazines. 

[Barliminal Roppongi] invites you to another world with more than 60 kinds of projection mappings, such as a row of cherry blossoms, fireworks, autumn leaves, etc. Our cocktail boasts all seasonal fruits, and you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails including [Mixology cocktails] which are popular overseas. As they are created with the motto of [delicious in the mouth, beautiful to the eyes, and gentle to the heart], all our cocktails and dishes are photogenic. How about creating your own [beautiful drama] that can only be created at that moment, at night, on that day, by joining the [scenes] and [settings] arranged by us?

B1F, Jasmine Roppongi, 7-4-12 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Western / French , Western / Italian , Alcohol / Cocktail
Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Monday, Sunday

beach cafe anjina

Loc Naha, Okinawa

Relax and enjoy an Okinawan time, with the view of airplanes leaving and arriving from a close distance.

[beach cafe anjina], at the entrance of Senaga-jima (Senaga-island), offers Okinawan specialty cuisine, sweets, and tea time in a space with an atmosphere of the southern country. As we are very close to the airport, you can see airplanes flying from a very close distance. Relax and enjoy an Okinawan time with a dynamic view. Our recommended specialty is [Taco Rice] with the best combination of rice, originally-blended tomato-based salsa sauce, and ground meat. If you like spicy, enjoy the [angina] style by adding our special-ordered spicy sauce. [Mango sauce] made with Okinawan specialty mango, is also available to experience more of the southern country. Both tourists and local guests have loved our cafe & dining.   

173 Senaga, Tomigusuku, Okinawa
Western / General , Cafe/Sweets / Coffee
Lunch: 1000 JPY Dinner: 1000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Thursday

BEST WESTERN Hotel Takayama Hidaya SHO

Loc Hida/Takayama/Gero, Gifu

Creative Japanese restaurant serving seasonal ingredients from Hida Takayama and good sake.

The restaurant serves creative food made of seasonal ingredients from Hida Takayama. A5 rank Hida beef is beautifully marbled with good quality. Food created with stream fish from the local mountains and vegetables from the local farmers shows their love for the local nature. Carefully-selected sashimi fished near Toyama is marvelous. Good food enhances the tast of the sake. Local sake such as [Kusudama] and [Sansha], and a good selection of shochu (Japanese alcohol) and wine are available. The wooden interior creates a warm atmosphere and the private space is suitable for your special time such as dating or business entertainment with a maximum of 12 people. The branch restaurant is available for larger capacity.

1F, BEST WESTERN Hotel Takayama, 6-6, Hanasato-machi, Takayama, Gifu
Japanese / General , Japanese / Shabu-shabu (boiled meat slices) , Japanese / Sukiyaki (hot pot stew)
Dinner: 3000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Tuesday, Sunday

Bistro Le Nougat

Loc Ginza/Yurakucho/Tsukiji, Tokyo

French elegance, with a seperate bustling bistro!

Enjoy the full-bodied seafood flavors of our "Soupe de Poisson" fish soup, served in the same way as it is in the town of Marseille, with the soup and fish served separately. You can savor it as is, but we also recommend adding some Gruyere cheese for a slightly different taste experience. We take great care to use only seasonal ingredients, notably in our specialty "Soupe de Poisson." In autumn, we import Bigorre pork and richly flavored mushrooms directly from France. These ingredients are only available in season, so please make sure to pay us a visit then and discover their authentic flavor. When cooking, we carefully prepare our dishes; we love the smiles on our customers' faces. We also always try to add an element of surprise to our recipes, so prepare yourself a one-of-a-kind treat! Contrasting with our first floor's lively, bustling bistro-like atmosphere, our second floor offers a more atmospheric dining experience, in an elegant setting. This is the place to enjoy long meal

Tokyo Ginza Building 1F, Ginza 6-12-2, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Western / French , Alcohol / Wine
Lunch: 3000 JPY Dinner: 8000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Brasserie Artisan

Loc Yokohama, Kanagawa

Pantry-aged beef and fish based delicacies in French cuisine

T-bone steak is rarely used in French cuisine. When we use it for our dishes, we let it mature for a minimum of 30 days, then swiftly sear the meat until the surface is browned, to bring out the best of its aroma. A jus de viande sauce and salt further bring out the flavors of the meat. Otherwise, we serve mainly fish-based dishes. We still retain a focus on dishes based on well-aged meat however. We use beef cut such as T-bone and rib eye steak, bavette or aitchbone, carefully left to mature in our pantry in order to bring out the meat's fragrant umami-filled flavor. We make full use of French cooking techniques, always trying to keep it simple and to reach new levels of perfection. When it comes to service, we try to offer the best service we can without imposing ourselves on our customers. We have tables and counter seats, as well as sofas. We are a brasserie and, as the name implies, provide a place to enjoy food in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, perfect for eating with friends or even for a date.

La Supiga Motomachi 001, Motomachi 1-31, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Western / French
Lunch: 2500 JPY Dinner: 8500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Tuesdays

Cafe Tosca

Loc Yokohama, Kanagawa

Fine hotel-style Western cuisine crafted by an experienced chef, to be savored in a bright hall with palm trees while enjoying the panorama outside.

This luxurious salad is made with vegetables harvested at sea level from fields at the base of Kumamoto's Mt. Aso, paired with poached lobster and topped with caviar. The salty caviar brings out the savory flavor of the vegetables for an exquisite dish made with simple good taste in mind. We give you the best possible flavor with our chicken breasts by cooking them without too much heat. We have recently started using umetori - chicken raised in Wakayama and fed on sour plums - because of its delectable meat. We always ask our customers what they want from their meal and do our best to provide them with the dishes that match what they are looking for. Here you will be able to relax and enjoy the sort of high-quality cuisine you expect from a hotel restaurant.

Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu 2F, 2-3-7 Minato Mirai , Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Western / General , Western / Pasta , Western / Pizza
Lunch: 3700 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Osaka Station/Umeda/Osaka Castele, Osaka

You must not miss your chance to enjoy our "Mountain Fo Tiao Qiang" (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)-it's that good!

The prize, dried seafood ingredients in this high-class cuisine feature the fruits of the land: Jinhua ham, dried shiitake mushrooms, Chinese soft-shelled turtle wrapped in wontons, and more. Our head chef is from a farming family in Osaka's Suita City, and so we use organic produce grown in the Osaka area. That we use local produce as much as possible is a given, but we also try to add our own original touches. You might be able to describe the flavor of our food in scientific terms, but there's nothing clinical about the way it makes you feel. That's why we use both logic and intuition in creating our cuisine, making something that will linger on in your memory. We might even play little tricks on your taste buds. As for ambiance, we want to give our individual rooms a sense of privacy. Use them when you want to make a lasting impression on your partner or client, or for celebrating a special occasion, a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Nishitenma 4-4-8, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka
Chinese / General
Lunch: 7000 JPY Dinner: 20000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Sundays

Chinese Restaurant China Room

Loc Roppongi, Tokyo

Come to our authentic Chinese restaurant for our amazing abalone

With its high-quality abalone that has been dried for at least three years and brought back from Hong Kong, this dish is treated for a week to return the abalone to its original plumpness and then simmered for fifteen hours or more to bring out the flavor. Abalone is said to be the flavor of the heavenly sea (Shidaikai), and we make sure to carefully select it along with our sparrow's nest, sea cucumber, shark fin, and other ingredients. Here, we will also work to accommodate your preferences or requests for items off-menu. We also do photography and are able to print you a picture on the spot. Additionally, we have a performance-type menu where your food is made before your eyes. When you dine with us, we want to be part of making memories that will remain with you. China Room serves dishes from the four great cuisines of China (Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong), and we take pride in our footing being firmly placed in the tradition and culture of cuisine, where you can enjoy the authentic flavors of

Grand Hyatt Tokyo 6F, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Chinese / General , Chinese / Shanghai , Chinese / Beijing
Lunch: 3000 JPY Dinner: 15000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Chinese Restaurant Jukeihanten Yokohama Chukagai Shinkan

Loc Yokohama, Kanagawa

Spicy, prize-winning seafood and other excellent Chinese dishes are served at this conveniently located restaurant

Discover the dish that won a prestigious prize for its novel taste experience. The spiciness of Sichuan cuisine is a complexity born of many different varieties of capsicum, doubanjiang, and spices which bring the best out of dishes such as skirt steak. We enjoy seeing all kinds of customers return to our restaurant and I believe that, based on an understanding of my customers' preferences, I can serve them even more satisfying new dishes. Our restaurant is in Yokahama in the Chukagai hotel. We accommodate for a variety of situations, and the accessibility makes our restaurant a great choice for your plans.

Rose Hotel Yokohama 1F, 77 Yamashita-cho , Naka-ku,Yokohama-shi , Kanagawa
Chinese / Szechuan , Cafe/Sweets / Chinese tea , Ramen (noodles) / Tantanmen (Sichuan dan-dan)
Lunch: 1500 JPY Dinner: 4500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Mondays

Ching Ming Daimaru Umeda branch

Loc Osaka Station/Umeda/Osaka Castele, Osaka

Good access, directly connected to Osaka Station. Fully enjoy our authentic Chinese cuisine prepared in the restaurant, between sightseeing or shopping, or on the way home from work.

Casually enjoy our authentic Chinese cuisine including hand-made dim sum and shark fin dishes at Ching Ming Daimaru Umeda branch. Also enjoy watching us making dim sum with professional, speedy skills from your table. As we are in Daimaru department store Umeda branch, directly connected to JR Osaka Station, casually visit us between sightseeing or shopping. Our tasty dishes make many guests happy, including madam groups and families. During lunch time, we recommend reasonable set meals using an abundance of expensive shark fin with a high-grade taste. We also serve various wine including Shaoxing wine. They go well with our dishes, so enjoy various combinations to find a new taste. Private rooms are available (reservation is required). Please visit us for any occasion. 

14F, Daimaru Umeda, Daimaru Matuzakaya Department Store, 3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Chinese / General , Chinese / Yum Cha/Dim Sum
Lunch: 1200 JPY Dinner: 3000 JPY
Closed ico Closed:

Clarita da marittima

Loc Kamakura/Enoshima, Kanagawa

Carbonara made with a local specialty Shonan shirasu and fresh, local eggs.

The ‘Enoshima shirasu spaghetti Carbonara with a touch of black truffles’ uses a local specialty, Shonan shirasu (whitebait) and fresh local eggs, which match the black truffles very well. The same dish can also be served cold with a distinct taste. Besides locally-brought in Yamayuri pork, Suzuki (sea bass) from Nagai and most of the other live seafood is caught in the nearby ocean to offer an abundance of choices for fish. The vegetables too are fresh produce procured at the morning sales in Kamakura and the Fujisawa JA Waiwai market. When we receive a reservation, we create a menu with the customer’s name on it, with the option of boxing the dishes. We hope you enjoy the restaurant's refined ambience and the dishes prepared simply, yet with care, using local ingredients. Customers may also appreciate a view of the Enoshima Electric Railway through the restaurant's large windows.

1F 1-6-11Katasekaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Western / General , Western / Italian , Alcohol / Wine
Lunch: 3500 JPY Dinner: 7500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Mondays, Every last Tuesdays