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ANTICO CAFFE AL AVIS Dai Nagoya Building Branch

Loc Nagoya, Aichi

A casual cafe with the concept of a [bar], a staple feature of daily life in Italy

A casual cafe with the concept of a [bar], a staple feature of daily life in Italy. Besides our cafe menu, we also offer a rich variety of home-made delicacies such as panini, dolce, bakeries and so on at reasonable prices.

B1F, Dai Nagoya Bldg., 3-28-12 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Cafe/Sweets / Others , Cafe/Sweets / Coffee , Cafe/Sweets / Sandwich
Dinner: 650 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Ramen Senka Rapita Main Store

Loc Asahikawa/Furano, Hokkaido

A popular ramen restaurant serving original noodles comes complete with a car park

The miso ramen is Rapita's most popular dish! White and red miso pastes are blended together in an original combination. The broth has a richness and depth that expands throughout your mouth with every sip... it's superb! The original medium-thick curly noodles used are specially ordered from Shirokuma Noodles. They're a perfect match for the broth! They came to fruition after Chef Sugawara carefully considered the kind of noodle that would go well with the soup. He accepted no compromises in their making, so Suguwara has confidence in his creation. Seeking even further heights in flavour, we offer a menu of seasonal items in addition to the standard and children's menus. In the winter, the charred garlic ramen is very popular! We also offer large servings and donburi (rice bowl) items. Complete with a car park, this ramen restaurant will satisfy men and women of all ages.

6-6-1 Jujohigashi , Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido
Chinese / Gyoza (dumplings) , Ramen (noodles) / Miso-ramen (miso based soup) , Ramen (noodles) / Shio-ramen (salt based soup)
Dinner: 730 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Irregular

Solo Pizza Napoletana, Nagoya Station Branch

Loc Nagoya, Aichi

A newly opened pizza restaurant for Nagoya people is world No.1 Naples pizza restaurant.

[Solo Piazza Napletana] opens its 4th restaurant in Dai Nagoya building. It owns already three restaurants; the main one in Osu, another in Nagoya city and Taiwan. Yet another in Korea is coming soon.We use flour, cheese, tomato sauce and olive oil from Naples and serve genuine Naples pizza at the same price as in Naples. All our restaurants are booming thanks to reasonably priced pizza by Mr. Makishima who won Pizza Napoletana S.T.P. World championship after passing strict examinations.Pizza and other food are cooked in a wood-fired oven, thus offering excellent taste that home cooked pizza cannot.Made by Stefano Ferrara and shipped from Naples, the wood-fired oven bakes the pizza one after another, drifting good smells and stimulating appetite.

1F, 3-28-12, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Western / Pizza
Dinner: 800 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Kitakata Ramen Waichi

Loc Sendai, Miyagi

With so much attention to the broth and matured noodles, you'll love our delicious ramen (Chinese noodle soup).

The noodles are made using lots of pure water and combined with a wonderful tasting soup to make delicious ramen. You should definitely try this ultimate version of a classic dish at least once in your life. We are particular about using matured noodles with a high water content that are procured fresh every day from Kitakata. Furthermore, in order to continue serving ramen with a light, but flavourful, soup that one would not tire of even if eaten every day, we are uncompromising in the soup and the selection of ingredients that go with it. 90% of the effort goes into making the ramen, the remaining 10% goes into serving ramen that suits each customer's taste. Putting 100% into the ramen is the adage we live by. Many customers come with their families to unwind and enjoy a meal. We also have customers who come alone or with groups of friends. We aim to provide the sort of service that will please any locals who visit our restaurant.

Sun Heights 1F-101, 2-8-8 Debana, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Chinese / Gyoza (dumplings) , Alcohol / Beer , Ramen (noodles) / Tonkotsu-ramen (pork-bone based soup)
Dinner: 800 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Tuesdays

Rico Cowbell

Loc Kamakura/Enoshima, Kanagawa

Hearty meat dishes cooked up in a speciality "fond de veau" stock which we take great pride in producing ourselves.

You will be satisfied by the appearance of our beef stew which is cooked with our specialty "fond de veau" stock and includes lots of sweet beef ribs reminiscent of the taste of Korean barbecue, and lots of big pieces of vegetables. Our fond de veau stock, which we call "glace de viande", is made by boiling a lot of vegetables and beef for one month, and is characterized by its deep taste. We use this specialty broth for many of our signature dishes including beef stew and "Yokosuka Marine Curry". As it is located in the shopping street, a lot of elderly persons and families come to our restaurant. We therefore try to provide a service that is friendly and humane, and not stereotypical. We have a close relationship with our customers who feel free to chat with us. We try to provide a piping hot dish by serving hamburger steak on the iron plate or opening the lid at the table for stewed hamburger steak or beef stew. Please enjoy our food while it is hot, even if you are chatting!

Plaza Kinugasa Nakadori Bldg. 1F, 1-70 Kinukasa Sakaecho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa
Western / Hambuger steak , Western / Curry , Western / Steak
Dinner: 850 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Tokachi-butadon Ippin Sapporo Station Stellar Place Branch

Loc Sapporo, Hokkaido

Our signature butazanmai pork bowl with fresh ingredients from Hokkaido is a must-try.

“Butazanmai” is an enhanced version of our flavorful and fragrant “butadon” (rice bowl dish with pork) that combines domestically produced pork, binchotan (a high-grade charcoal), and a sauce developed over many years by Sorachi. Ever since we first made it, our hearty butazanmai has been an extremely popular item on our menu, and it is limited to 50 meals each for lunch and dinner! Hokkaido ingredients are truly delicious, and since we want our guests to experience these delicious flavors, we use pork and rice sourced in Hokkaido. The pork we use is domestically raised in Hokkaido primarily, and 100% of the rice we use is also from Hokkaido. Even though most of our staff works part-time, we still provide cheerful and hospitable service to each and every guest. We are very serious when it comes providing an extraordinary and piping hot butadon (pork rice bowl), and we would be delighted if you invited your family and friends and came to Ippin and enjoy our signature meat dishes. We also have takeout,

6F Stellar Place Center, 2-5 Kita Gojonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Japanese / General , Japanese / Donburi (rice bowl dish) , Japanese / Hokkaido cuisine
Dinner: 850 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Hakata, Fukuoka

Think you can eat big? We are ready to take on all challengers with our giant-size portions !

We serve our dry curry Neapolitan in various different sizes, including the "fools" option, which is an unbelievable 3 times larger than our regular. We have been featured on a number of TV shows and magazines, and as a result have an endless procession of hopefuls coming to take on the challenge. We take great care in picking our rice by tasting Kyushu's rice harvest on a yearly basis and choosing the best one. We only have seven counter seats and 17 table seats in our restaurant, so we maintain an open atmosphere. With our signature "Turkish Rice" it goes without saying, but all of our standard dishes, from our curry, to our spaghetti, are served with generous portion sizes. When you're starving, you'll be glad you remembered us.

Estate MOA Tenjin studio 1F, 2-2-5 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Western / General , Western / Curry , Western / Omelet
Dinner: 900 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Irregular

Ramen Zunpachi

Loc Matsumoto/Shiojiri, Nagano

Serving ramen (Chinese noodle soup) from a special family recipe in a wide dining area.

Our signature dish is our slow-simmered tonkotsu (pork) shoyru (soy sauce) ramen -- thick, home-made noodles in a rich tonkotsu soy sauce soup base -- a family recipe of our head chef from Yokohama. Our rich miso ramen is made from a blend of our local Shinshu's red and white miso and is another popular dish here. At Ramen Sunpachi, we are always eager to serve you. We love having families dine with us, so we have a wide dining area to serve our new and regular diners.

4-3-1 Chikuma , Matsumoto-shi, Nagano
Ramen (noodles) / Shoyu-tonkotsu-ramen (soysauce based pork-bone soup) , Ramen (noodles) / Tsukemen (noodles served separately from dip soup) , Ramen (noodles) / Abura-soba (soupless oiled served in sauce)
Dinner: 990 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Hiroshima, Hiroshima

Okonomiyaki Pancakes made from Fresh Ingredients

“Ika kyodai” (squid brothers) contains raw squid and squid tempura (fried). You do not have to be a connoisseur to fall for this delicious dish, in which the smell and taste of raw squid and the texture and flavor of the fried squid can be savored. Take cabbage or scallions for example, which change in quality depending on the season. Here, we source them based on the best areas depending on the time of year. The pork, eggs, noodles and sauces were sought out to best fit our okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake). We strive for excellent in-store service, so we take your order while you stand in line and begin preparing it before you are seated. Our goal is to feed you quickly while still preparing each dish with the utmost care. The gold badge is only awarded to members of the grilling staff who passed the grilling test. It is a symbolic badge of Reichan. With in-company testing, we strive to keep the skills and motivation of our staff up, to always serve delicious okonomiyaki.

2F Hiroshima Station Building ASSE, 2-37 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Japanese / Okonomiyaki (vegie/meat pancakes) , Japanese / Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki (vegie/meat pancakes) , Japanese / Yakisoba (sauteed noodles)
Dinner: 999 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Irregular