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Okiraku Bal Casa

Loc Tottori, Tottori

Taste the Daisen Chicken and Foie Gras Pate that pairs extraordinarily well with wine in a chic interior.

Rare foie gras is combined with locally-produced Daisendori (chicken), and served with baguette and vegetables to create a rare treat that can be enjoyed at a reasonable price. The dish also pairs extraordinarily well with wine, so it should definitely not be missed. The owner/chef personally ventures to the market everyday to carefully scrutinize and select the best local produce. He also aims to cultivate a restaurant rooted in local production for local consumption by procuring meat such as locally-produced Daisendori chicken and Daisen Ruby Pork. We place the most emphasis on locally-produced and seasonal ingredients. We always endeavor to use cooking techniques that best feature the inherent flavors of the ingredients we procure that very day. The restaurant is popular with female guests with its chic interior designed in an illustration style. We have couples seats on the second floor next to windows overlooking the shopping district by the station, making it a great place to visit with your sweetheart.

602 Sakaemachi, Tottori, Tottori
Western / Spanish , Western / Italian , Western / Mediterranean
Dinner: 2500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Monday

Oshokuji-dokoro Kaigan

Loc Daisen/Yonago, Tottori

Fishermen are also our repeaters. We get their endorsement that our seafood caught at Sakai Fish Port are very fresh and tasty! We are popular among tourists as well.

At our restaurant, you can fully enjoy seafood sent directly from Sanin Sakai Fish Port. We have a good reputation as you can directly enjoy fresh ingredients from the area. Our quality is endorsed by that the staff of the fish market and the fishermen are also our repeaters. As our owner sticks to serving only wild fishes, you can encounter real fresh seafood which are not always available. Our specialty is [All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab] where you can fully enjoy red snow crabs caught in this area for 45 minutes. As almost all of our staff are from this area, you can also enjoy hearing their dialect in a livery atmosphere, which is especially popular among tourists. Please visit us to have an unforgettable moment with the impression that seafood at a port in Tottori is the best! The current fish market can be seen only for a limited time, as it will undergo an expansion soon. Please fully enjoy the season only available now.

1F, Misaki Kaikan, 9-20, Showa-machi, Sakaiminato-shi, Tottori
Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood , Japanese / Crab , Japanese / Donburi (rice bowl dish)
Lunch: 850 JPY Dinner: 1000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Tuesday

Oshokuji-dokoro Kaishin

Loc Daisen/Yonago, Tottori

We serve delicious raw seafood. [All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab], with snow crabs which were caught at Sakai Fish Port and directly sent from fishermen, is also very popular. 

We are very close to Sakai Fish Port with the largest amount of red snow crab. Fully enjoy large-sized seafood and snow crab at our relaxing and spacious restaurant along the industrial road. Various seasonal ingredients are available only that day. You will never get tired of our dishes as our menu varies every day according to the stock condition. When live crabs are available, you can select your favorite one from the water tank in the restaurant to order. Fully enjoy the savory crab full of meat and innards, carefully selected by a fishery in a friendly relationship with us. Our [All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab], especially popular among tourists, is our specialty with which you will be impressed with the savory taste of, as many as you want, red snow crab. Enjoy its original sweet taste and difference in tastes depending on the part. We are always busy, with lunch in the daytime, and banquets at night.

1802-23, Fukusada-cho, Sakaiminato-shi, Tottori
Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood , Japanese / Crab , Japanese / Donburi (rice bowl dish)
Lunch: 850 JPY Dinner: 1000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Thursday