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Kappo Nakanoya

Loc Ashikaga/Sano/Oyama, Tochigi

We carefully cook seasonal ingredients. Enjoy our kaiseki (traditional Japanese cuisine) course and sophisticated hospitality flexible according to the occasion. 

We are located in Tochigi that is known as [the town with warehouses] where many warehouses and merchant houses built during Edo and Meiji periods stand in a row. Our kappo (traditional Japanese cuisine) restaurant, with a history of 110 years, has been loved by many writers and artists. At the entrance after passing a paved road with an atmosphere, our female manager welcomes you with a warm smile and leads to a guest room (all of them are private Japanese rooms). For both lunch and dinner, we serve beautifully-decorated kaiseki courses that receive a high reputation using kanpyo (dried gourd shavings), a specialty of Tochigi, and seasonal vegetables full of nutrition. We have been loved in the area over generations, not only for having a meal including a casual lunch, but for special occasions to receive our careful hospitality, such as yuino (a familial ceremony before marriage), for celebrating the festival for children of three, five, or seven years old, a memorial service for the memory of the deceased,

22-23, Asahi-cho, Tochigi, Tochigi
Japanese / Kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal) , Japanese / Kaiseki (tea-ceremony dishes)
Lunch: 3000 JPY Dinner: 8000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Wednesday

Cafe & Restaurant Outburst & Ponta

Loc Nasu/Shiobara, Tochigi

Offering 100% Nasu Japanese beef and other local ingredients from Tochigi

Our chef carefully selects all ingredients, experiments with new dishes, and is always working towards bringing better flavors to the customer. Therefore, only the freshest Tochigi Japanese beef and local chicken are served, and at an unbeatable price. Our patties, which are 100% Nasu Japanese ground beef, are kept moist and plump by adding egg into the mixture. The hamburger is fried once and then dipped into a special demi-glace sauce before being put back onto a cast iron plate to sear the outside and lock in its savoriness. Our special demi-glace sauce is made by continuously adding to the original mixture, which has just a hint of bitterness. The cooked hamburger patties are dipped into the sauce, allowing the meat's juices to seep in and give it an even richer flavor. We import whole pigs directly from local livestock farms and butcher them here before vacuum-packing the cuts to preserve freshness. We offer a family-like atmosphere so you can have a great time over delicious food.

3450-8 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Western / Hambuger steak , Western / Steak , Alcohol / Wine
Lunch: 1300 JPY Dinner: 1800 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Wednesday

French Restaurant Rivage

Loc Ashikaga/Sano/Oyama, Tochigi

Tochigi's French destination, and desserts with ingredients fresh from the chef's hometown

The best Norwegian Salmon is marinated for a whole day in quality French rock salt and elegantly smoked in cherry-wood chips, giving it a lovely aroma and a smooth, irresistible texture. Our chickens are painstakingly reared with feed and delicious water obtained from the local mountainous region. As such, they energetically lay eggs. Our cakes made with these eggs have a unique light and fluffy texture and almost smoky flavor. Besides these, we take special care to purchase in-season organic vegetables from local producers. We are dedicated to fulfilling our customers' expectations and ask them for their food preferences and allergies when they make reservations. If you inform us beforehand, we are committed to giving you a prompt response, regardless of whether you plan to spend a relaxing and leisurely time with us or need to have a quick meal. We make our side-dishes using delicious seasonal wild plants, and pesticide-free wild vegetables. You'll be able to taste the specialities of the season in our cuis

3-13-17 Sonobe-cho , Tochigi-shi, Tochigi
Western / French , Cafe/Sweets / Cake , Western / European
Lunch: 1620 JPY Dinner: 1620 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Bistro Poivre

Loc Ashikaga/Sano/Oyama, Tochigi

French cuisine featuring such dishes as "Oyama Japanese Beef Steak & Hayashi Rice Stewed for 168 Hours" in the peaceful ambiance of our restaurant

I specialized in French cuisine, but I've also studied a wide variety of other styles, including traditional Japanese cooking. If a guest tells me what they want, I can deliver just what they're looking for. I'm particular about using local ingredients, like our Oyama beef and locally grown produce. Aside from my signature Oyama Japanese Beef Steak & Hayashi Rice Stewed for 168 Hours," I can also make "Deluxe Oyama Japanese Beef Steaks" if a guest orders them. I use all of the culinary experience I've acquired over the years to make traditional Western-style dishes like Hayashi (Hash) Rice and Hanasaki Omelet Rice, as well as original French cuisine. Our interior is designed to resemble a peaceful grove; relax and enjoy our leisurely atmosphere. Kick back and enjoy a fine meal in our utterly relaxing ambience. Why not get away from it all and spend some time here with your close friends or that special someone?

Kojima Bldg. 1F, 3-11-27 Chuo-cho , koyama-shi, Tochigi
Western / French , Western / Hayashi rice (rice and hashed beef) , Western / Omurice (rice in omelet)
Lunch: 1000 JPY Dinner: 2000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Ashikaga/Sano/Oyama, Tochigi

We bring out the best of Western and Japanese cuisine using unique ingredients, like our cheesy risotto or tomato sherbert. 

Melted cheese tangles around each grain. With the body of the cheese subtly appearing through the light Japanese broth, this risotto is a dish for even those who aren't the biggest fans of cheese, creating a cuisine that transcends categories like 'Western' and 'Japanese' cooking. Our summer recommendation, tomato sherbet, has a refreshing taste. Our tomatoes are picked fresh at the farm. The ones that have springy stems have the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness. They are an excellent "all-use" ingredient, great for cooking and for deserts.

Tochigi Kuranomachi Kankokan, 4-1 Yorozu-cho, Tochigi, Tochigi
Western / General , Alcohol / Wine , Alcohol / Cocktail
Lunch: 1500 JPY Dinner: 6000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Monday