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Yeah, it DOES kind of look like the seat of all evil from out here

When my wife and I went to see “Skyfall,” and it came to the part where Bond was taking a boat to Silva’s island, my wife turned to me and whispered, “Hey, I know that place!” Being completely honest at all times, I promptly said that I, too, had seen it somewhere–only later secretly looking it up online when she wasn’t looking. Wikipedia says that the island used in the movie was an unidentified island off Macau, while other articles say it was all a set somewhere, but there can be no doubt that the DESIGN for the evil den is a real place…a place in Japan called Hashima Island, or by nicknames like Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) or Ghost Island.

It was apparently some kind of coal mining town that was opened from the late-1800s until the 1970s, when it was promptly shut down. The story of it’s life and sudden death can be found online, and it is interesting; but for me, the pictures tell a story more stirring…and haunting…than words can convey.

Do I need to explain about the “Battleship” part, or are we good?

Those things look like ancient artifacts or tributes to the gods from here, don’t you think?

Nature is slowly but surely reclaiming the place

This image makes Gunkanjima look like some kind of wasteland…I guess it technically is one

A little color amid the decay…I think it’s strangely beautiful

Where in the world does this hall go?

The island’s exterior buildings are obviously in a bad state, which has prompted on-again-off-again tourism initiatives off of Nagasaki, where it is located. Even more than the outside, though, I find the interiors devastating to behold–in the following pictures, you can see that life on the island quite literally stopped one day and never picked up again. Thankfully no one actually died that I know of–but I can’t help but think that ghosts–the lifeblood of the place run cold–really do roam around here.

Who climbed these stairs, and why?

Looks like an ordinary Japanese-style apartment…with the futon rolled up properly in the closet (left), waiting for the next occupant

Maybe a kid’s lunchbox or school file? That plus the leftover shoes…creepy

This girl is probably alive today, but the parallels to the Titanic doll are undeniable. What a fantastic photo!

A school left in ruin…with some desks still standing

Amazing that these buildings are still standing

I hope I get a chance to visit this island someday, camera in my hand. I hope you can, too! Just watch out for stray Bond villains and ghosts, OK?

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