Rakuten Market Releases Its 2018 Ladies Swimsuit Ranking!

Summer is fully upon us! Did you prepare? The well-known online marketplace, Rakuten Market, has released its 2018 Ladies Swimsuit Ranking! This year, it is filled with fashionable swimsuits that let even self-conscious people enjoy the beach or pool.



Sets & Swimsuits That Look Like Clothes Make the List!

Here's what the ranking looks like as of mid-June!

1st Place: Bikini 4 Set (Angel Luna)

2nd Place: Tankini 4 Set (Angel Luna)

3rd Place: Rush 4 Set (Angel Luna)

4th Place: Fitness 5 Set (teddyshop)

5th Place: Short-sleeved Fitness Swimsuit With Swimming Cap (Beach Angel)

6th Place: Fitness 3 Set (teddyshop)

7th Place: All in One-piece (teddyshop)

8th Place: 4-Piece Set With Many Ruffles (Hoyuki)

9th Place: Bikini 4 Set (teddyshop)

10th Place: 2018 ICEPARDAL NEW MODEL (OC Style)

In this ranking, you'll find sets that are designed to cover up the body. Some include rash guards or tops that will enable you to enjoy the pool or beach without feeling overly conscious about your body. These popular and fashionable swimsuits are almost like regular clothes!

Fitness swimsuits are also ranking high at 4th, 5th, and 6th place respectively. From this, it's easy to tell that people are engaging in sports like swimming on a regular basis to keep fit or stay slim! Additionally, the fitness swimsuits that managed to enter the rankings are also like regular clothes in terms of design.

You should also check out the Rakuten Market 2018 Summer Trends report! You'll find information about this summer's trends presented around the 5 keywords of fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, and surprises. It's the perfect guide to enjoying your summer in Japan!

Rakuten Market 2018 Summer Trends (Japanese only)
URL: https://event.rakuten.co.jp/genre/leisure/summer/trend/

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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