[Osaka/Umeda] Private Tour/Osaka Night Life Tour! An Introduction to the Profound World of Late-Night Bars

After watching the distant sunset from a high-rise observatory, set off to explore the lively night life in the city of Osaka.

If the prospect of delving into a world of night-time scenery, the neon-lit cityscape, izakaya (Japanese pubs), and Japanese bars in Osaka is something that catches your interest, then this is the tour plan for you!
After taking in a panoramic view of Osaka from an observatory, you'll take a train to venture into the city at night.
The Nanba area, stretching from Shinsaibashi to Dotonbori, is a commercial district that boasts one of the most active night life scenes in Japan. At the same time, the more ground there is to cover, the more difficult it becomes to make decisions on what's worth trying. This plan resolves any concerns like these, mapping out a path by foot that links up the highlights of the city. From helpful tips on where to find photo spots of streets with neon signs stretching into the far distance, to recommendations of tucked-away bars that you might be otherwise hesitant to visit on your own, your guide facilitates navigating unfamiliar territory.
Of course, the guide is well-versed in information like the significant sightseeing spots, trivia tidbits, and hole-in-the wall spots in the neighborhood!


・The Kuchu Teien Observatory offers a stunning panoramic view of the cityscape below.
・You’ll visit streets where you’ll find rows of bars with eye-catching signs that cry out for you to take a picture.
・You’ll be introduced the best places to get the most out of Dotonbori. The neon Glico Sign hides a certain surprise if you visit at a specific time.
・You can rest easy about dipping into izakaya spots off the beaten path with the guide at your side.

An Introduction to Some of the Spots You'll Be Visiting

・Umeda Sky Building Kuchu Teien Observatory: Situated 172 meters above ground, this is one of Japan’s leading high-rise observatories, offering panoramic open-air views of exquisite scenery while you take a stroll in the skies.
・Higashi Shinsaibashi: If you enter one of the side streets from the main arcade shopping district, there are rows of izakaya store signs that glow beautifully in the night.
・Dotonbori: Although it’s most famous for the towering Glico Sign and the mascot Kuidaore Taro, there’s actually a little secret gem you can find here…

・Ukiyo Street: This obscure street with a span of just 1.2 meters is a novelty that those in the know prize for its nostalgic feel of the Taisho era (1912-1926). There is even a tiny shrine tucked away along the street.
・Misono Building: A popular building known for its selection of uniquely themed bars. It is also known by the nicknames “Minami's Den of Thieves” and “Osaka's Golden Gai (street)” (in reference to Tokyo’s Kabukicho district, also called the “Golden Gai of Shinjuku” because of its active night life scene).
・Torame Yokocho: A district where you’ll find Osaka's notable food stalls. Pass under the crimson torii (traditional Japanese shrine gate) into a space resembling an amusement park.

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