[A Highly Acclaimed Program Regularly Available in Kyoto] Experience a Traditional Tea Ceremony Performance with a Maiko: 20-Minute Course

If you’re pressed for time, but interested in the opportunity to meet a real maiko (apprentice geisha), then this is your opportunity!
This is an economical abbreviated version of a highly acclaimed cultural experience course in Kyoto!
Enjoy a lavish session in a private traditional otemae (tea ceremony) performance with a maiko! She’ll teach you about the manners and process involved with pouring the tea, after which you’ll prepare the tea yourself! Of course, the experience also includes a commemorative photo with the maiko!
Consider enriching your dive into Kyoto culture with this experience!

*Reception desk hours are between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Reservations placed at other times will be handled on the following business day.

A Tea Ceremony Experience with a Maiko

Learn how to perform an authentic traditional tea ceremony from a maiko, then perform the ceremony together. The tea is served with two higashi (dried sweets) made using 100% wasanbon (fine-grain Japanese sugar).

A Photo Session with the Maiko

You’ll also be able to commemorate the experience by taking a picture with the maiko.

A Present from the Maiko

You’ll receive a senjafuda (good-fortune charm) as a present from the maiko.

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From 2,000 yen