Perfect In-between Shopping and Sightseeing! 6 Recommended Kaiten Sushi Shops in Shibuya

If you’re visiting Tokyo, you should definitely visit Shibuya, the place where young people gather. You can visit sightseeing spots such as the Meiji Jingu Shrine or Hachiko, enjoy shopping at places like Shibuya Center-gai, or even go eat sushi if you’re hungry! Kaiten sushi in particular tastes delicious for its relatively cheap price. Here are some of the most recommended kaiten sushi stores in Shibuya.


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1. Rotating Sushi Katsu Midori Seibu Shibuya Branch (Udagawa-cho)

This restaurant always has at least 200 varieties of dishes ready to be served. If the dish you want is not on the lane, you can order up to 5 plates at a time and they will bring it to you.

The quality of the fish they have is incredible compared to other kaiten sushi shops and the size of the fish is so big that it completely covers the rice and the plate. The picture shows anago (eel​) sushi, which is available for 500 yen plus tax. Its half-size is 250 yen plus tax, but even that will surprise you with its large size! It is recommended to try the half-size version first.

When you order your sushi, instead of picking it up from the conveyor, a shinkansen-like tray will bring the dish to you. After picking it up, press the red button on the wall and the tray will go back to the kitchen. It is a fun way to be served for both kids and adults.

2. Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka Branch (Dogenzaka)

At first glance, it may look like a PC room, but it is actually a sushi restaurant. Unlike normal kaiten sushi shops, where the plates are always going around, in this place, you order your dish on touch screen. Thanks to this touch screen system, your sushi will always be extremely fresh. Prices start from 100 yen plus tax.

Other than the sushi menu, which has more than 80 different kinds of sushi to choose from, the side menu also has a lot to offer. A variety of other food items, such as dessert, beverages, croquettes, french fries, and chawanmushi (savory steamed egg custard) can be found on the menu.

You can order up to 3 plates at once. It will come to you on the lane, so take the plate first and then press the button to send it back to the kitchen. Be sure to pick up the plate first, otherwise your sushi will return untouched!

3. Sushi Daidokoya Shibuya Main Branch (Dogenzaka)

The popular dish at this restaurant is the "lunch-don set" that is served during lunch time. The set consists of chirashizushi (sushi rice bowl) with lean tuna, yellowtail, vinegared mackerel​, octopus, squid, and shrimp, as well as a bowl of soup - all for only 580 yen!

The dishes going around the conveyor belt are the recommended dishes, so if you want another type of sushi, you'll have to order it. One plate costs anywhere from 120 yen to 240 yen.

The names of different types of sushi are written in English on every tea cup. Learning those names is fun!

4. Gansozushi Shibuya Dogenzaka Branch (Dogenzaka)

At this restaurant, they use fresh fish delivered from the fish market every morning. Prices start from 90 yen plus tax per plate. They have more than 60 varieties of sushi available and the chef will make your sushi right in front of you.

You can tell how nice it is by the look of it. Eating sushi together with miso soup, which is an essential part of Japanese cuisine, will make it taste even better!

Even without soy sauce, the natural taste of the sushi itself is just so delicious! The fresher, the better. Some sushi have salmon roe on top as a topping, which tastes delightful!

5. Tenkazushi Shibuya Dogenzaka Branch (Dogenzaka)

This restaurant is located in the basement floor, but you will find it immediately after going down the stairs. The entire place has glass windows, so it is not difficult to visit even if you are by yourself. Prices start from 125 yen per plate. You may find the rice here warmer than that of the others, but this is deliberately done to make the sushi taste better by letting us enjoy the contrast between the warm rice and cold fish.

Look at this egg sushi! The thick rolled egg is about to crush the rice. The combination of the slightly sweet egg and mildly sour rice is nothing short of perfection.

6. Gourmet Kaiten Sushi Maguro Donya Miura Misaki Harbor Megumi Shibuya Hikarie Branch (Shibuya)

This restaurant is on the 6th floor of a multi-complex facility called "Shibuya Hikarie". In this clean and fresh restaurant, there are counter seats and box seats. You can enjoy your meal while watching the impressive technique of the chefs at the counter or while enjoying a nice, fun conversation at the box table. It is a really cozy place, so this would be a nice place to bring your date.

The price varies depending on the type of plate, so you can have delicious sushi that fits your budget any day!

During lunch time (11:00 AM - 3:00 PM), a good value set meal is available. It comes with miso soup, chawanmushi, and a house dessert. This is a place where you can sit back and enjoy good sushi.


In some kaiten sushi stores, the sushi is always revolving around the conveyor belt. In others, you order sushi and have it come to you. It is up to you to choose which type of kaiten sushi shop you want to go to. You can casually drop by any of these places, so even if it's just a small meal, give them a go!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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