Parasailing over the Pristine, Azure Waters of Okinawa!

The venue for this parasailing ride is in the northern part of Okinawa's main island. Located in the general vicinity of Sesoko Island, Minna Island, and Ie Island, it's in close proximity to Churaumi Aquarium. The rope holding the parachute is stretched out bit by bit into the sky. Towed along with the rope at a length of 200 meters, you’ll have the vantage point of a sea bird sailing at an altitude 40 to 50 meters above sea level. Enjoy Okinawa's resplendent beauty with a bird’s eye view of colorful, translucent ocean waters, beautiful coral reefs, and coastlines of fine white sand.

Experience moments of healing and elegance while gazing at the glittering contrast of ultramarine and deep blue under the sunlight.

Located Just 15 Minutes from Churaumi Aquarium!

The tour is about 30 - 60 minutes.
You can tailor the parasailing into your schedule whether you specifically plan for it, or if you want to swing by on the way to or from Churaumi Aquarium.

Open to Anyone over the Age of 4

Parasailing is a popular activity regardless of age. You’ll definitely want to consider a stroll in the skies whether it's with family, as a couple, or with some good friends. Of course, solo travelers are always welcome, too.
Anyone over the age of 4 (over 120 cm in height) and in good health can participate.

Basic Information


From 7,000 yen